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Hottest policewoman in Germany gets nice competitor


Berlin – Adrienne Koleszar (34) made as a “hottest female police officer in Germany”. On your Instagram profile, you will be likes to show what she has and puts her toned body on the Show. Prefer to the hottest COP and did this so far in the Bikini from the beach. However, in 2019 could change for Adrienne Koleszar, a lot. Not only do you need to trade in your hot, beach outfits, again, against a Uniform, but also gets a real competition from a colleague. It could be the even hotter COP in Germany?

Hottest policewoman in Germany: Adrienne Koleszar – police uniform instead of a Bikini

a year and A half had adopted the most beautiful and hottest female police officer Adrienne Koleszar from your everyday working life as a policewoman. She traveled to the Maldives, Dubai, Florida, New York and Amsterdam.On their travels followed her on Instagram about half a million people. In your holiday, the hottest COP in Germany was not only in a Bikini on the rotten skin.

she was modeling and the castle of lucrative advertising contracts, for cosmetic products, and car brands. But that’s still not enough. The hottest police woman of Germany even got their own TV show. Together with the Ex-Bachelorette Jessica Paszka (28), and Youtube Star Sophia Thiel (23) is Adrienne Koleszar (Hottest policewoman in Germany: This message should shake their Fans) with their show “Fitness Diaries” on the CW. There, they delighted their Fans with diet tips, training methods, and an insight into their lives.

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my Caption 1. She was always trying. 2. Mustard is beautiful. 3. #dresden

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, but This changed in the last few days, however, dramatic. At the Start of the new year, it was, in fact, to the extent that: Adrienne Koleszar, also known as “The hottest police woman of Germany”, was again returned to Dresden. On 1. January, you had to go point by 11 a.m. on your area of Dresden, South of the police service. After 6 months of Instagram Bikini photos, and Model orders, it went back to the police. With Exercises at the shooting range, the hottest police woman of Germany in the new year – and her old life started. The a hot competitor the Chance to take your place?

Hottest policewoman in Germany: Young rival Lana Glam

in Berlin, a young Commissioner Adirenne Koleszar could be the rank as the hottest police woman of Germany. As the Berliner Kurier reported, made Lana Atakisieva (30) in twelve years of an immigrant to the Berlin Commissioner. And looks really sexy. On your Instagram profile, the hot COP, six pack photos post in a Bikini, pictures of your fitness training or hot pictures in short tight dresses.

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Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that..✨

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so Far, the woman from Baku, Azerbaijan, called on Instagram Lana Glam, just of 52,000 subscribers – a lot less Adrienne Koleszar. Nevertheless, the hottest COP in Germany makes them with your Instagram appearance is neat competition. Also, you know in the face of opposition. Your way from the immigrant child to the tough Commissioner, and soon, perhaps, the hottest COP in Germany was no easier. But Lana Glam was already in a young age is a fighter.

Hottest policewoman in Germany: Lana Glam is an absolute Power woman

15 years the Russian-born Lana Glam came with her mother and sister from Baku to Berlin. The COP couldn’t speak English and has been at the school for victims of bullying. Lana Glams mother was seriously ill, her father toiled in Azerbaijan to the Survival of the family. After six years, her father came. Against all odds she made it to high school, and made her OJ. After that, she was waiting tables to support her family and later began a course of study.

+ As a COP Lana Glam looks in the service With Uniform. © Screenshot Instagram Lana Glam

After the successful completion of the Bachelor’s degree at the University of Economics and law (HWR) in Berlin, the next stroke of fate followed. Her father was diagnosed with bone cancer.The hot COP has made this pain “even stronger”. Since 2016, the Power-woman hunt as a trained police Commissioner Criminal in Neukölln. Perhaps soon, as the hottest police woman of Germany.

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