Helldivers 2 fans, brace yourselves – a story mode for the game is not in the cards, according to Arrowhead, the game’s developer.

In response to a comment on social media, the CEO of Arrowhead, Shams Jorjani, made it clear that a story mode for Helldivers 2 is “not happening.” When asked about the possibility of creating a story mode for cooperative play with epic and tragic moments, Jorjani bluntly stated that it would be like creating an entirely new game.

So, what’s next for Helldivers 2? Jorjani mentioned that the team will be taking a summer break before getting back to work on updates and patches. Despite being a hit game for PlayStation, the player numbers have been on a decline since its launch. Steam charts show a significant drop in concurrent players since February, with a peak of 458,709 players shortly after launch compared to 80,038 in the last 24 hours for Steam players.

One possible reason for the decline in player numbers could be attributed to the PSN issue earlier this year. Sony announced that Steam players would need to link a PlayStation Network account to continue playing, leading to negative reviews and the game being pulled from sale in 177 countries without access to PSN. Sony eventually reversed this decision due to the backlash from the community.

Despite the setback, Arrowhead is committed to maintaining a steady stream of updates and patches for Helldivers 2. While a story mode may not be in the works, players can still look forward to continued support and improvements to the game. So, even though the story mode may not be happening, there are still exciting things on the horizon for Helldivers 2 fans to enjoy.