Arrowhead, the developers behind the popular co-op shooter Helldivers 2, have been facing challenges in getting a new weapon into the hands of players. For months now, Helldivers 2 players have been unable to unlock a new stratagem, which are deployable weapons and tools used during gameplay. This has led to suspicions within the community that Arrowhead may be trying to trick them into unlocking the weapon through the latest major order.

The anti-tank mine stratagem was first teased back in April but has faced setbacks in its release. Initially, players had to choose between unlocking the mines or a rocket launcher by liberating planets. However, the rocket launcher was chosen first, delaying the release of the mines. Subsequent major orders aimed at unlocking the mines have fallen short of their goals, leading to further delays.

The current major order revolves around the liberation and defense of the planet X-45. While the order has already been completed with days left on the timer, players are concerned about the vague reward mentioned in the order – “weaponry from the First Galactic War.” Some players suspect that this reward may actually be the long-awaited mines, while others remain skeptical.

The Helldivers 2 community has been abuzz with conspiracy theories regarding the delayed release of the mines. Some players believe that Arrowhead is intentionally withholding the weapon to generate interest and engagement among players. The timing of the major orders and the choice of rewards have only fueled these suspicions.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the unlockable mines, players continue to participate in major orders and support the game’s development. The recent addition of a new jungle biome on planet X-45 has attracted more players to the area, increasing participation in the current major order.

As players eagerly await the resolution of this mystery, one thing is clear – the Helldivers 2 community remains dedicated and passionate about the game. Whether the mines are finally unlocked or not, the camaraderie and excitement among players continue to drive the game forward. Only time will tell if Arrowhead’s intentions are truly revealed in the upcoming weeks.