Co-op third-person shooter Helldivers 2 recently unveiled a new bug that has caught the attention of players everywhere. Thanks to PC Gamer, the bug was discovered as the game’s latest big story reached its climax: offering mid-air hugs can actually save lives. Surprisingly, various emotes performed while free-falling can reduce fall damage, allowing players to survive what would have been fatal plunges.

Reddit users were quick to jump on this newfound trick, with many praising its absurdity and effectiveness. The trick involves executing emotes like saluting, shaking hands, or giving hugs, causing characters to stiffen up and avoid the usual ragdoll effect upon impact with the ground. This unique mechanic has been jokingly referred to as “pre-death rigor mortis” by one Redditor, highlighting the unexpected benefits of the bug.

Interestingly, this in-game physics anomaly goes against real-world logic, where relaxed bodies tend to fare better in falls compared to tensed-up ones. The resemblance to the Norwegian sport of døds diving (death diving) has not gone unnoticed by players, adding to the fun and charm of the bug.

Despite the bug clearly being a glitch that goes against the intended gameplay mechanics, Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead’s CEO, Shams Jorjani, has voiced his support for keeping it in the game. Taking to Twitter, Jorjani expressed his desire to preserve the bug, even suggesting humorous solutions like adding inflatable bouncy bags to mitigate fall damage.

While some players advocate for retaining the bug as a quirky feature that adds to the game’s charm, others acknowledge that fixing it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the gameplay. Jorjani’s playful interactions with the community showcase a lighthearted approach to game development, sparking discussions on the balance between fun glitches and polished gameplay.

As the debate over the fate of this bug continues within the Helldivers 2 community, it remains to be seen how Arrowhead will address the issue. Will they patch out the bug, leave it untouched, or perhaps integrate it as an intentional game mechanic? The unfolding story of the mid-air hugs bug adds an unexpected twist to the gaming experience, highlighting the unpredictable nature of player interactions with game worlds.