Hedwig Kohn loved the physics. As one of the few women managed to obtain before the Second world war in Germany promo. The title of her work: “On the nature of the Emission of flames, glowing metal vapours”. In 1930, they were recognized their contributions to the new edition of “Müller-Pouillets Textbook of physics” as a Habilitation and was a Sensation. Because in addition to Lise Meitner and Hertha Sponer Kohn was the only one who succeeded the before the outbreak of the Second world war in 1938. On 7. September was withdrawn, however, the permission to teach for the Institute of physics at University of Wroclaw – Kohn, came from a Jewish family. She had to flee from Germany.

special area of optics

at The age of 46 years, emigrated first to Switzerland and worked on the light climate, adhering to the Observatory in Arosa. In 1938, she got a lectureship for a year at the Women’s College of the University of Carolina, as well as in Virginia and at a private University in Massachusetts. There she was, ten years later, full Professor. On your area of specialty, optics, research you up to a high age. Kohn died in November 1964 in her hometown of North Carolina.