Tomorrow is the day: From 14:00 Apple takes on Friday the 13. the pre-orders for the just introduced iPhone-11 models. And the Traffic will be like every year. But the purchase of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max worth it? We explain who is served and with what device.

compared to the previous year, the jump is not huge. The new iPhones are faster, have more time (an hour to the iPhone 11, four Pro and five Pro Max). In addition, a wide-angle camera has been added. The iPhone 11 now has two, the two Pro variants, even three Take. In addition, there are improvements in the Detail of how the new Display of the Pro models and the support for the new Wi-Fi Standard, Wifi 6.

Three cameras, and greater battery iPhone 11: The new Apple Smartphone in a Quick Check Of Christoph Fröhlich is Not a Must-Have for X-owners

The most obvious tip: if you own an iPhone from last year and are satisfied, you can save on the purchase usually. Only those who are in urgent need of more power, a longer duration or a wide-angle camera, receives a true value. Owners of the iPhone XS Max could also see the 0.2 inches of extra screen diagonal of 11 Per Max as an incentive. All the other don’t miss anything if you wait a year.

The iPhone X has a special position. The first iPhone with FaceID is now two years old, the distance at which the speed and the photo quality is already quite large. In addition, a larger Display with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max in views. Here it is, in fact, is what is expected of his unit. It is with the iPhone X, you can always suspend loose for a year. On the other hand, even the cheap iPhone 11 is likely to be a noticeable improvement in many ways. With the exception of the OLED Display and the Two-fold Zoom of the iPhone X, which are missing in the cheap iPhone 11. You do not want to miss that, you have to pick up the Pro model – and pays considerably more. Here it is important to find a balance.

Apple Event: iPhone 11 in pictures: So chic Apple’s new Fullscreen

The most striking eye-catcher: The triple camera of the new iPhone 11 Pro. With it, you can’t zoom in, but also by wide-angle more surroundings in the shot. The optic is expected to tighten in the near term the looks.

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Coming from an iPhone with a home button, so the iPhone 8 and older, the step will be simply huge. Then there are really only two reasons not to hit. The new Displays are here. You do not want to forego the home button and the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, or the Displays of the iPhone-11-models are simply too large, none of the new units are an Option. The best device with a smaller Display and home button of the iPhone 8, or 8 Plus. Both models are still sold. It has an even older device, it may be worthwhile to once again access before Apple takes this design from the program.

you Can dispense with the home button, it could still scare off the quite high price from the purchase of the new models. Under 800 euros, you get none of the iPhone-11 models. If you want a camera with 2x Zoom, be a minimum of 1150 euros. For Economical, it is worthwhile, therefore, to look around, alternatively the new models for cheap previous models.

the Smartphone market, The iPhone 11 saves with innovations – missed Apple now? By Malte Mans

get The still good iPhone Xr to get from 690 Euro, partially the version with 128 GB will be offered for a few euros more. You need a Zoom, you pay for the iPhone XS from 890 euros. To not recommend the purchase of the iPhone X. With 890 Euro, it costs about as much as his successor, but set technically. Also, you probably already a year earlier there are no Updates available.

Older iPhones should

to be replaced anyone Who has an iPhone 6 or older, you should go urgently to a newer model. The next week, the upcoming iOS 13 Apple no longer supports the now five-year-old iPhone 6, the older models have already been clipped before. For the user this means not only the renunciation of new Features, but also security: With few exceptions, Apple does not try to repair the gaps that are found in old systems. Even a change to less old models like an iPhone 7 or 8 so bring real benefits.

willing to switch from Android users

the owner of an Android smartphone must assess individually whether you want to switch to an iPhone. The new iPhones are clearly the best Smartphones with Apple’s iOS. Whether they are better than the top models from Huawei and Samsung, however, can show only a detailed Test. For upgraders from older models is worth of buying but all.

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