a few weeks ago, Apple’s head of Design Jonathan “Jony” Ive to the side of Tim Cook strolled demonstrated, as both of them surrounded by photographers in San Jose, California the new Mac Pro. What is suspected at this time hardly anyone: It was Ives last appearance as Apple’s chief Designer. In the night of Friday, the group announced that Ive would leave the company to start his own company.

For the US-Tech-giants is a great loss: Jony Ive, played a crucial role in the development of the Desktop computer, the iMac, the digital music player iPod and the iPhone – and thus also on the Comeback of Apple. The 52-was Year’s as a driving creative force within the group and was least for the visual design of the Software and of the ring-shaped headquarters for Apple, Park in Cupertino responsible.

Ives manuscript moved through the entire Portfolio of Apple: He reduced the Design to the Essential and driving force behind the development of a minimalist formal language. One of his role models, the German industrial designer Dieter Rams, was for many years chief designer of Braun was.

New management Duo at Apple,

Ive was next to the 2011 deceased co-founder Steve Jobs and today’s company-CEO Tim Cook one of the most prominent figures of Apple. He was Co-host of the famous New York Met Gala, 2012, he was defeated by Queen Elizabeth II as a knight. “Jony is a unique personality in the Design world and his role in Apple’s Revival can’t be overstated,” said group chief Executive Tim Cook to its farewell.

The finish of Ive will still be in this year. A successor it is not will be, instead, Tim Cook on a double-tip trust: Evans Hankey and Alan Dye, both of which have been around for many years, leadership roles. Both will report to Jeff Williams.

investors In the shock lasted only a short time: in addition to over-the-counter, the Apple stock fell after the announcement of Ives farewell to around one percent, however, the exchange of paper recovered quickly. Investors seem to have confidence in Apple’s new Design Duo.

Ive don’t want to cap a connection to Apple

Ives new company goes by the name of “love shape”. The connection to his long-time employer, he does not want to caps, however, completely: Apple wants to be according to information from one of Ives “main customer” and a “series of exclusive projects“ working together with him. “I hope for many, many years,” said Ive, the “Financial Times”.

could look Like the cooperation in the future, it is so far unclear. Unquestionably, Apple Ive owes very much – but in the case of corporations of this magnitude in the rule: the one Who is out is out. For secretive companies like Apple. The former chief is expected to know, Designer best.

That Ives finish could also be an opportunity for Apple, one can read between the lines in the press release. The group emphasized that a few years ago, the development of the computerized watch, Apple Watch, especially from Jeff Williams was headed – and the Design of Evans Hankey, Ives to the current successor. The Apple Watch, initially ridiculed, is now regarded as a great success. The group has thus already proved that he can also develop without Ive products with a high recognition value.

source: Financial Times, Apple

the report of the week star promises exclusive visit in Apple’s Secret lab

Apple: “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”. Only: How is this possible? The star visited the annular Central and was able to throw the first German media a glimpse of two strictly shielded laboratories. In a quite a sweat.

By Christoph Fröhlich