day-to-Day written to countless of them and read the hate comments on Facebook and on other Social Media platforms. Prosecutor Christoph Hebbecker wants to tackle it. His Job is to identify the authors of the inflammatory and insulting Posts to drag them to court.

Together with a colleague Hebbecker is since last year for this together with the state Institute for media NRW initiated the project “Track instead of just deleting” be responsible. The special Department is in 2016, founded the “Central and response Cybercrime North Rhine – Westphalia location located” in the Prosecutor’s office in Cologne, Germany. There are serious cases of politically motivated hate-followed speech on the Internet. The murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke – after death threats on the Internet – has given the investigation a sense of urgency.

The Department is cooperating with media houses such as the WDR, RTL, and several Newspapers. Editors of these media to show hatred comments in a simple digital standard procedures. You have received a special training to better recognize what is covered by the right to freedom of expression, and what could be a criminal Offence. To incitement and calls to commit criminal offences belong to.

New Initiative by Facebook and France conclude a Pact against hate

The assessment was difficult and I prepared for the editors at the beginning of the problems, told Hebbecker. In the meantime, many are already very safe, so that “in the vast majority of reported cases” in fact, the identification process would be initiated. Other cases, the Federal office for justice, which monitors compliance with the 2017 adopted network enforcement law reports.

Delete content on Facebook, Twitter and co.

the law provides for the Deletion of illegal content. “However, Delete only for criminal tracker never satisfactory,” says Hebbecker. “Because this is so similar to how if a ertappter load would be prompted to thief only, the stolen goods back up.” By contrast, the Cologne state court to the motto “Track instead of just delete”. The number of defendants now amounts to about 80.

you can Hebbeckers observation in two groups: The one is not at all clear, that you can by no means say anything you want. The others do not suspect it, expect but with a tracking. Hebbecker: “I have never met one of the accused, who said that during a search action: “Well, it had to happen.” They are all surprised extremely, and ask: “What’s the matter now?””

The accused came from all over the Republic, explained Hebbecker. Including more men than women are, “but more women than I would have thought”. Older men were over-represented, but could be due to the fact that they know tend to be less well-informed on how to be anonymous on the Internet.

So by the public Prosecutor’s office investigated some time ago, the apartment of the owner of a small electric operation. He had called in the Internet to violence against refugees and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Wrong consciousness is equal to zero,” says Hebbecker. The man was sentenced to eight months probation and has a criminal record now.

Against calls to hatred and violence

“the Stasi Hebbecker” he must be in the network before calling. The special investigator rejects the decision. “Comments such as “I don’t like refugees”, “Pushes them all back” or “Merkel must go” for us in any way relevant,” he says. It is only radical incitement to hatred and violence. “An intervention in the freedom of expression it is but rather, if all the comment columns must be switched off, because the editors can’t cope with the deletion of the hate comments individually. “Where does the hatred come from?” This is a question that has also Hebbecker. He has found so far.

North Rhine-Westphalia is the only German state to bear in mind that at the present time the phenomenon of Hatespeech: So Hesse builds additional Posts in its Central office for combating Internet crime (ZIK). In Bavaria, media companies, at the latest, by the autumn of lighter criminal charges for hate Postings refund. The Minister of justice Georg Eisenreich (CSU) formulated this as a new guideline: “First show, then delete it!”

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