The Super blood moon is now Germany. The total Phase of the lunar Eclipse has begun.Who does the sky look a game to be missed, you must wait in Germany until 2028 to the next visible total lunar Eclipse.FOCUS-Online-reporter Lisa Small, the Eclipse of the moon from the people’s star tracks waiting in Munich, FOCUS-Online-Reporter Tobias Passtoors the spectacle from Cologne.

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by 5:41 p.m.: total lunar Eclipse has begun! All three celestial bodies are on a line. The moon begins to shimmer reddish. Screenshot timeanddate Screenshot Twitter/@Astro monocyte Screenshot Youtube/Sky Live TV So beautiful the moon from the Canary Islands to light.

5:40 PM: In Leipzig, the view is still perfect. Screenshot of Twitter/@Astro monocyte

5.28 PM: it’s almost time: 5.41 PM, the total Phase of the blood moon starts we see about Germany. While sky observers happy today, if you can observe the spectacle, was the blood moon earlier, is often considered a bad Omen. Florian Festl

In China, people believed that a celestial dragon devouring the moon. Therefore, the points of intersection between the plane of earth’s Orbit and moon’s orbit are still called dragon points. The Vikings feared the mythical Wolf Hati. This hunt the moon and catches him occasionally. He can only be with a lot of noise is distributed. The Amazonian Indians believed, however, that an Archer let the moon bleed, until a shaman pulls out the arrow, and it finally heals. Screenshot Twitter/Planetarium Bochum in the Planetarium in Bochum will also be tuning in.

fog over Munich moon observers spoils the Sky

5.10 PM: fog over Munich from the roof of the public Observatory of the moon is not a guess, unfortunately. Much better is the view, for example, in Leipzig.

4.48 PM: Now you can see already, like the moon from the top is darker. The shadow is bent. “What you see in a lunar Eclipse, is the best proof that the earth is a ball,” says Benjamin Mirwald in the public Observatory in Munich, Germany.

4.38 PM: In New York, the view is like in Munich, badly, is it in the public Observatory. An observer there reported that the moon was covered in clouds.

4.34 PM: The moon enters into the Umbral shadow of the earth. Screenshot Youtube/Sky Live TV

4.25 PM: The Planetarium of Bochum documented the penumbral Phase of the Eclipse of the moon. The top left of the picture you can see a darkening of the moon.

4.08 PM: Despite the current bad weather to the moon observation of the star in the people waiting in Munich for about 50 early birds arrived, the want to track the “blood moon” live. The moon is already in the penumbra of the earth, but to the naked eye is barely visible.

4.03 PM: early risers can observe today under a cloudless sky, a total lunar Eclipse. Who does the sky look a game to be missed, you must wait a long time for the next total lunar Eclipse that will be good to see. “It is the last chance until 2028,” says Benjamin Mirwald from the public Observatory in Munich, Germany. It is expected in July 2018, the next Eclipse of the moon, however, is not totally but only partially.

The next total lunar Eclipse is coming up in may 2022. The moon goes with us then, but that’s exactly then, when the Eclipse reaches totality, as Mirwald explained. Unfavorable will be in the year 2025, in which can be observed, the total Phase of the Eclipse only in the first minutes after the rising of the moon.

clouds in Munich, Germany, clear eyes, Cologne

3.51 PM: FOCUS-Online reporter Lisa Small, the Eclipse of the moon from the people’s star tracks waiting in Munich. Currently it is mostly cloudy there, but unfortunately, and the moon is barely visible.

it looks Better in Cologne, where FOCUS-Online-Reporter Tobias Passtoors has currently free views of the moon. The Thermometer is at minus five degrees Celcius.

The view to the West must be free

3.44 PM: “If you want to see the event, you should have a clear view in direction West to the horizon,” says Carolin Liefke from the house of astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany.

no clouds come, If so, in-between, then you can see the Phase of the reddish moon everywhere in Germany. In front of the exit of the moon from the shadow it could be dawn in the southern half but already says Lifke.

The penumbral Eclipse has

3.35 PM: The penumbral Eclipse started begins! But for laymen, hardly perceptible, of the moon occurs here for the first time only in the semi shadow of the earth.

“blood moon” in almost all of Germany is well visible

20.41 PM: Good news for “blood moon”Fans: forecasters expected, in large Parts of Germany in freezing temperatures with a mostly clear or only slightly cloudy sky.

Only in the North and in the foothills of the Alps, clouds could cover the “blood moon” Verde, reported the German weather service (DWD) on Sunday in Offenbach.

Total lunar Eclipse of 2019: This is the schedule

11: 43 PM: The most important times of the lunar Eclipse:

By 3:35 p.m. begins the penumbral Eclipse. The entry of the moon into the penumbra of the earth is for Amateurs hardly noticeable.

at 4:34 PM the core of the earth’s shadow moves over the moon.

By 5:41 p.m. the total lunar Eclipse begins: All three celestial bodies are on a line. The moon shimmers red.

in order To 6.12 p.m. with the maximum Eclipse.

at 6:44 p.m. the total lunar Eclipse ends.

at 7:51 PM, the moon from the earth’s shadow.

And at 8:00 PM, the moon goes down in Germany.

What happens during a lunar Eclipse?

09.14 PM: At a lunar Eclipse the earth is between the sun and the moon. The full moon is immersed in the shadow of the sun illuminated the earth casts into space. Eclipses are the result of the interplay of the sun, moon and earth.

Why is lit the moon is red?

08.53 PM: In a total lunar Eclipse, the moon is not completely black, but it glows copper-colored to orange-red. Therefore, it is spoken in the people’s mouth and sometimes a blood moon or gluten-moon. The phenomenon is caused by the refraction of sunlight in the earth’s atmosphere, with long wavy reddish residual guided light in the core shadow. How intense the reddish color is, depends on factors such as temperature and humidity, as well as how much water, dust and other particles in the earth’s atmosphere.

Why is lit the moon is red? The astrophysicist Lesch explained to us in the Eclipse of the moon in the summer of 2018, FOCUS Online Why the moon glows red? Astrophysicist clarify the most important questions Why is there talk of a super moon?

Sunday, 20. January, 07.21 PM: The moon is early Monday morning, when the lunar Eclipse takes place, is very low above the horizon and looks bigger than usual. This phenomenon has long been known as an optical illusion known, but on Monday morning, the moon is the earth in addition, particularly close to the moon’s disc is, therefore, in fact, ten percent larger than usual. Because the moon is at the closest approach to the earth point, the perigee, making it appear brighter and larger than normally. Therefore, he is referred to as a super moon.

Who would like to observe the moon, should pay attention to a free view to the North-West, as the moon goes there.

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