play music, the timer, according to the weather issues: voice assistants, such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo will be in many households for smaller everyday tasks. As Amazon developed his assistant Alexa, had the group but a completely different Feature in mind: The customer should shop about it – of course at Amazon. But that is exactly what remained. With a new strategy that is going to change now.

Amazon’s idea: the manufacturer should incorporate in your advertising campaigns, the matching of purchase command. A conceivable example would be: “Alexa, buy Ariel washing powder”. In addition, the company has recorded with numerous companies in contact, writes the Tech Portal “Recode”, the corresponding E-Mails. The campaign is therefore aimed primarily at companies that sell packaged consumer goods such as Laundry detergent, soap, or diapers.

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The offer in the E-Mails certainly sounds at first like wishful thinking Amazon’s. The group wants to pay for the mention in the advertising of anything, but offers in return only support the creation of a Alexa-Skills, advertising at Amazon and information about placement in the respective product category in the trade portal. Company a went out, you would pay Amazon millions in free advertising.

Probably, it is simply a negotiating strategy. “It starts a negotiation with the most reasonable offer, but that seems to be most advantageous,” – quoted by “Recode” a trade expert. The companies approached could get quite out more. Amazon declined to comment to Recode to the E-Mails. If German companies were requested, is currently not known.

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shop The goal of Amazon’s, however, is clear: consumers are not to be referred to in advertising only to the fact that you can buy the products by Alexa. You awaken at the same time the impression of a purchase by voice command would be a completely normal process – and lowers the barrier to try it myself.

Also, the focus on producers of consumption goods, is no coincidence. The biggest obstacle of shopping via the language should be that of the classic Shopping of food, clothes or technology, a certain stimulus must be started, for example, through a chic look. In the case of excise goods, the hurdle is lower if you buy you usually easy, because you need them.

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the purchase is still Only in the summer by a website leaked information was known, that scarcely an Echo-owner uses the purchased functionality of the device. According to the Insiders, the customers who used the Feature a bought, actually, especially the consumption of products via Alexa. The market, however, should be large: Up to 11 billion dollars in sales, the market expected the observer from RBC Capital Markets to 2020 – and only in the US and the UK.

it’s not about Amazon, in the first line to device sales, reveal again and again, granted, part of stark discounts of the Echo devices. Last, there was the Echo of Dot for only 30 Euro, the purchase of many Smart-Home devices, it’s always free echoes. Competitor Google followed with his Home speakers, a similar dissemination strategy. There are, however, collected user data, and then targeted advertising to sell. However, it has also established itself Amazon in the last few years as an advertising provider, it is the fastest-growing segment of the Internet giant. In the first quarter of this year, the group had taken for the first time, more than 2 billion dollars of advertising.

source: Recode, Techcrunch, Adage