I have been a huge fan of Halo Infinite, but recently I faced a major issue when the game kept crashing before I could even reach the main menu. No matter what I tried, like verifying the game files, reinstalling the game, or even restarting my Windows, nothing seemed to work. It turns out, the problem was with Nvidia driver 555.99, which caused the game to be unplayable for many Nvidia card users.

Thankfully, Halo developer 343 Industries quickly acknowledged the issue and assured players that they were working with Nvidia to ensure that the problem would be resolved in the next driver update. And true to their word, Nvidia released driver version 556.12 on June 27, which fixed the compatibility issues with Halo Infinite. Now, players can launch and run the game without any problems.

For those who are not familiar with updating their Nvidia drivers, you can do so through Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app or by downloading the driver directly from Nvidia’s website. While rolling back to the previous driver was a temporary solution, it is always recommended to keep your drivers up-to-date for optimal performance.

Now that the issue has been resolved, I am excited to dive back into Halo Infinite with a can of Monster energy by my side, an aggressive metal playlist playing in the background, and endless rounds of Husky Raid waiting for me. It’s a relief to know that I can enjoy the game once again without any technical difficulties.