again and again, Hacker attacks cripple the computers of private individuals or companies. So bad as in the case of Baltimore, but it’s rare: Since the beginning of may almost all the Computer systems of the city are still E-Mails and phone are dead. The administration must make do with stopgap solutions and paper. Now the Hacker has set a final deadline. Probably it is him, but anyway something other than the ransom.

at the beginning of the crazy extent of the fall in sight yet. “We don’t ignore you. Our E-Mail service does not work. We are working on it” – as the Public learned on may 7. May in to Twitter for the first time, of the consequences of the attack. Employees of the city in the U.S. state of Maryland, it was noticed that some of the systems were acting weird. The IT security people quickly discovered that dozens of Server of the city had been encrypted by a Trojan and took control of the System from the network. Since then, nothing more is going on in the administration of the city almost.

Cyber Criminals Fin7: This hack works like a company and looted billions Of Malte Mansholt Crippled city

Whether or not the payment of the water bill, a Parking ticket, or the Transfer of a house to a new owner: broke up Everything was, for a week. No E-Mails came through, even the phone systems were out of service. To be able to somehow work, loaded the staff private working email addresses, the administration has introduced a number of years ago, on the Paper to be able to somehow move on. The police, fire brigade and the health system are not affected, fortunately.

The impact is likely to continue for a while yet. Even if it is now managed part of the authorities in everyday life to resume a plant Baltimore continues to have high costs. Around five million euros is expected to cost the rescue of the rest of the system, a further five million euros to a reckon for the end of the year. A further ten million euros in addition to the failure to a lack of revenue, according to the “Baltimore Sun”.

language speaker, listening nightmare: Chinese hackers make the Amazon Echo to the bug By Malte Mansholt mayor does not want to

That it was far, is a decision of the mayor: Bernard C. Young, called “Jack”, was just a few days in the office, as the ransom eintrudelte requirement: 13 Bitcoin of the attacker demanded the equivalent of about 90,000 euros. Individual systems would provide for a three-Bitcoin-free. But Young didn’t want to. “We don’t pay Criminals for their evil deeds,” said the mayor of the “Baltimore Sun”. Finally, you do not know, anyway, whether the systems would be released after the payment ever again.

Instead, alerted the Young with the NSA and the FBI, two Federal agencies, sought to solve the problems of external consultants into the boat. Quickly, it was clear that The Hacker used the attack tool “Robbinhood”, which was also the case of other high-profile cases. The suspicion that a stolen NSA had been used cyber weapon, could not be confirmed by the experts, Eric Sifford and Joe Stewart. There is no evidence to suggest it would be in the program to be investigated to find parts, they said in a blog post.

Ups Hacker was looking for just a Computer error and destroyed from the Provided 140 million euros Of painted Mans, The Hacker gets is raging on Twitter

And somebody else denies the use of the NSA tools: the hackers themselves. Apparently frustrated by the non-payment, he asked a few days ago on Twitter Young and several councilors, to pay the sum at last. “Hey, listen to me. The first rule of blackmail is Trojans, the Victims of a good Foundation to the rescue to offer. People are not stupid. You can easily save files and Server, with a small payment. You have done NOTHING”, ranted the Hacker on Twitter.

He would even switch for free, some of the servers are free, offered to the Hacker. So he wanted to show that saving the data is really possible. That is indeed the perpetrator, he was able to prove with documents internal to the municipal administration, held by the experts, for real. In the meantime, the Account was locked, but The alleged hackers had attacked at the end Young with deserts, racist insults, Twitter deleted the Account because of that.

The approach of the hacker is unusual, the experts emphasize, according to “Ars Technica”. Normally, such an attacker would avoid it, to provide evidence for the Intrusion in the System and to Express themselves, even publicly. Your suspicions: The Hacker, it was something much Bigger. He can see, so your guess, the Hack of the town as a promotional action that is supposed to show the Power of his blackmail tool to be able to have it as an illegal service to a third party for rent.

sources: Baltimore Sun, Ars Technica, the New York Times, the Washington Post