Grand Theft Auto 5 planet is one of primitive pastiche. In an effort to bring some civilization for the world, one YouTuber attempted to point a one-man operation of Hamlet–but immediately found Los Santos for a town hostile to some little Shakespearian flair.

Founded by Kotaku, GTA Online participant Rustic Mascara chose to the match public lobbies into”re-appropriate that the area of GTA for a space for meditative existentialism through functionality and poetry”.

Mascara is, obviously, immediately gunned down with a random participant. However, as he proceeds to give it another go, so also does his prospective assailant, who looks more receptive to his or her performance. A couple of lines , however, and yet another heckler steps in to block the series using a rocket launcher.

Not to be countered by conquer, Mascara attempts again–this time, in the Vinewood Bowl, partying up with a buddy to bring a bit more dynamism to his or her performance. He sends messages to other players in an effort to draw a bunch.

Within minutes, the audience (formed of 2 onlookers) has started a struggle with itselfbefore turning its ire on the actors. But Mascara and co workers continue, even as the roughhousing brings an armed police presence which forces the actors to pull out their own sidearms.

Theatre might have lots of languages, but GTA simply discusses the language of violence.