The great national debate began this week, and not always in serenity. In Besançon, Friday, a meeting organized by The Republic on, in order to exchange on the subject of this debate, has been strongly perturbed by several dozen yellow vests the industry.

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The meeting was not trivial, since the general delegate of the party founded by Emmanuel Macron, Stanislaus Guérini, was present and was attacked by the protesters.

The images broadcast by France Bleu Besançon show a stampede at the entrance of the room. According to the radio, the yellow vests have forced entry to the meeting. The protesters say their side that they had forbidden access to. The organizers explain, meanwhile, that the yellow vests had refused a search of the bags at the entrance.

The protestors were thus finally able to go into a room already packed – 150 persons were present, according to France Bleu Besancon, and even take the floor in front of the deputy LREM Paris.

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“You do not open even the door to the working class, to the people who work and who are fighting every day”, and inveighed a yellow jacket. France Blue states that discussions have been taking place, “despite the atmosphere, sometimes oppressive”.