Google is a breakthrough in speech recognition, thanks to the assistance software locally on the Smartphone can run. So far voice assistants like Google, Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri – shots to send to the speech recognition into the net.

Google is securing for itself an advantage over the competition and can also claim a benefit in terms of privacy.

The function will be introduced in the autumn with new Smartphones, the Google brand, “Pixel”, said the responsible Manager Scott Huffman to kick off the developer conference Google I/O on Tuesday. In a Demonstration on stage, the assistance software responded extremely quickly to all voice commands. Thanks to the breakthrough, the dictation function, for example, easily without a network connection in airplane mode.

the new local function way that had been shrunk with the necessary software base of 100 Gigabyte to 500 megabytes, said Google chief Sundar Pichai. Overall, the Software work on machine Learning at Google directly to the devices of the user, instead of sending raw data to the Server of the group.

Pichai stressed that Google wanted to provide users with better ways to control over your privacy. So the automatic deletion of older Google collected users should be extended to include information with time, more categories of data. First of all, Google allows data to Web and App usage with an expiration date of 3 or 18 months.

To kick off the developer conference to be held in a natural amphitheatre near the company’s Headquarters in Mountain View were Google-critic circles, a small plane carrying a Protest Banner over the event. It is not “control by Google is privacy,” along with the Hashtag “Save local news”. The roar of the plane engine was in the back looking up at the sky.

As a new device, Google introduced the Smartphone Pixel 3a and a new networked speaker with Display with the name of the Nest stroke Max. The phone is a slightly stripped-down Version of the current Pixel 3, the Google to a US price of $ 399 on the market. Thus, the Internet group plays for the first time in the mid-price segment, in particular, Chinese suppliers are very strong. The phone will be displayed on the screen with new functions such as AR Navigation points, in the direction of the arrows in the camera image on the Display in the real environment.

The Hub-Max speaker gets a face detection, to provide relevant information to the users of the dashboard, looking straight at the Display. All the facial recognition data remained only on the device, stressed Google’s Hardware-in-chief, Rick Osterloh. This speaker should first come in the summer, only in the USA, the UK and Australia on the market. In Germany, first sold new to the previous model, the Nest Hub.