Google will help to share the link of the specific piece of text

Google has released Chrome browser a new extension that allows you to share links not on the whole page, but on specific passages of the text. When you click on a link the page will be automatically scrolled to the desired fragment, and he highlighted in yellow.

the Plugin Link to Text Fragment is now available for download from the Chrome Web store. To create links you need to highlight the section to open the context menu, right-click and select Link to Text Fragment (“Link text”). To go on it to another user to install the extension is not necessary. Here’s how it works on the example of “Wikipedia”.

the basis of the new plugin was based on the technology Scroll To Text (“Scroll test”), which appeared with the release version of Chrome 80 in February. It allows you to create a link to a specific word or phrase in the text (like on YouTube — the movie opened at a certain moment), when you click on that the page will be scrolled to the right place automatically.

Support Scroll To Text is implemented in all versions of Chrome, including mobile apps. Google proposed the idea of references to pieces of text at the W3C (the world wide web Consortium), which approves standards for the web, so the same feature may appear in other browsers.

Earlier this month, Google has started to highlight the text when switching to a third-party website from the search results. This function does not work with all links in Google, only with blocks of Featured Snippets that contain a direct answer to a user question. Snippets are displayed at the top of search results.

Text: To.Hi-tech