There is a message, which arrived in the technology scene like a bomb: Internet giant was to suspend Google announced on the weekend that his cooperation with the Chinese Smartphone manufacturers and network equipment manufacturers Huawei to significantly reduce, in part, entirely. Specifically, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, wool, discontinue the provision of Hardware and some Software services, it said, citing informed circles. A little later, other us Tech companies were apparently of the action. So the chip companies Qualcom, Broadcom, Intel, and Xilinx to have their staff informed that they will not supply Huawei until further notice, reported the financial services Bloomberg on Monday.

the Background is a in the course of the trade dispute between the two countries by the U.S. government published a black list of companies that are regarded as a risk to the national security of the United States. The President, Donald Trump issued a decree prohibiting American companies since, without the permission of the government business with Huawei, and around 70 of its subsidiaries.

Why is Google for Huawei so important? What is the meaning of the limited cooperation for owners of Huawei products? What is the reaction of the Chinese company and how it continues now? Answers to these and other important questions.


The Chinese company Huawei have far-reaching consequences

©Andre M. Chang / ZUMA Wire DPA Smartphones Google threaten the Android license withdrawal on the part of Google removes Huawei as of now, the Android license AFP Why is Huawei so dependent on Google?

Google is for Huawei is an important Partner because the Internet giant in the mobile operating system Android is developed with the Smartphones of the Chinese company. The finished versions of the system are made open source for all to use. Outside of China only Android Smartphones with built-in Google, however, sells almost services, such as GMail, Google Maps, or the Google Play Store. This Version of Android is not Open Source, but must be licensed from Google.

If the U.S. company has been cooperating with Huawei, this has far-reaching consequences, because continuous cooperation is necessary in order for the Android System with the respective Smartphones compatible.

Android is the dominant Smartphone operating system with a market share of more than 80 percent. This is due to the fact that Chinese suppliers like Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, or OnePlus to set on Android.

Due to black list Google Updates for Huawei stops Android Smartphones, What this means for owners of Huawei products?

users of Huawei products need to adjust to the fact that their devices will receive no more Updates. Means that security gaps will no longer stuffed, new features, not the plays. On the Chinese devices could run in the future, only the Open-Source Version of Google, which would not allow access to Google Apps and services such as the E-Mail program, Gmail, or the Google Play Store.

Google itself, via Twitter, reported that “services such as Google Play and Security from Google Play Protect will work on existing Huawei devices, and we comply with all regulations of the U.S. government”.

delivered Huawei’t be Disabled already products on the part of Google, so. Also, Huawei has said that all already sold or in Store reserved phones would continue to be supplied with security updates and services. The same is true for the subsidiary brand Honor.

Huawei, I tested as an iPhone User the Huawei P30 Lite: Now I’m thinking about a change! How does Huawei on Google’s measure?

so Far, the Chinese group has not yet expressed an opinion at the end of the cooperation, the US President, Trump has imposed a decree had criticised the company, however, shortly after known as “undue restriction”. Clearer words found in the last week, the Head of Huawei’s chip division, HiSilicon, He Tingbo, the voice, in a communication to the employee of a “crazy decision” of the U.S. government. The US had broken “the System of technical and industrial global cooperation mercilessly” by I set the Huawei to the black list, wrote Hey.

Huawei’s Smartphone chief, Richard Yu had hinted in the past that the group’s bracing for a corresponding scenario, and for the case of the cases in a own operating system to work.

mobile phone giant from China How dangerous is Huawei? By Malte Mansholt How significant the Chip is for Huawei-supply from the United States?

Also, the Chip deliveries from the USA are important for Huawei, the developed their own processors and Modems for some models of its Smartphones, but the Chips for a part of the phones, Qualcomm refers to. With its network technology Huawei has to rely much more on Chips from the US. The company have, however, stored in preparation for possible U.S. sanctions are already in semi-conductor for at least three months, Bloomberg reported, citing informed persons.

A report from the “world” according to Huawei’s already a length up to prepared the well that occurred in the scenario. The Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon’ve produced in the last years of his own information after in the past few years, Chips in the value of US $ 7.5 billion. This in-house Chips were, therefore, especially in the Top Smartphones of the group. Of other companies, irrespective Huawei is not the case, but it means more.

an Interview, Richard Yu Huawei’s Smartphone chief, in an Interview: “Our products are safer,” By Malte Mansholt Why is the United States Huawei on Kieker?

Huawei is suspected by the US authorities, to use its entrepreneurial activity to spying for China. Evidence of this have not yet been made public. Under pressure from the US but also other Western countries such as Germany, Huawei of the networks for the new super-fast wireless Standard 5G to keep. Also in the German security authorities objections against the use of Huawei technology, according to. Here, reference is made to the fact that Chinese companies by the authorities of the country to the far-reaching Cooperation forced could be, but also on the possibilities for Sabotage in the event of a conflict. Huawei rejects all the accusations, always and emphasized that the company is completely independent.

sources: Bloomberg / “world” / Twitter /DPA / AFP

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