security researchers of Google’s Project Zero Team have discovered a serious vulnerability in the Android mobile operating system. The bug allows attackers to take over the device completely, unless the user has previously installed a malicious App from an untrusted source. An attack on the preinstalled Chrome Browser is under certain circumstances possible, write the experts. All the Details you will find here (in English).

the vulnerability was Discovered, probably by the NSO Group, a well-known cyber security company from Israel. The group sold, among other things, to government agencies with Tools, with which you can access on Smartphones get. Google’s information suggests that the gap is exploited already active, which is why you’ve decided to put all the Details openly, and to dispense with the usual three-month period of Secrecy.

The most popular models in question (not a complete list):

Pixel 1 pixel mapping 1 XLPixel 2Pixel 2 XLHuawei P20Xiaomi Redmi 5AXiaomi Redmi Note 5Xiaomi A1Oppo A3Moto Z3Android Oreo LG-smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung Galaxy S8Samsung Galaxy S9

not affected, The Google Pixel 3 and 3a, are Google’s security Team, according to the weak spot. On the older devices of the manufacturer, the gap shall be closed in October. The other manufacturers were informed that, according to Google – if and when Updates for the different models appear to be, is unclear.

In a panic, the owner of the above mentioned devices should not expire yet. It is relatively unlikely to be the target of such an attack. If you still want to be on the safe side, you should use an alternate Browser than Chrome, and the Installation of Apps that are offered outside of the Play store, without.

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