Google is no longer just a search engine. You typed about “Hamburg” in the search slot, you will not be a displayed, only a series of Links, but also the current temperature, average room rates and upcoming Events in the city on the Elbe. It’s the same with Songs: you look for Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”, the first hit is a Youtube Video, followed by a section of the song text. This enrichment with additional information called the Google “Knowledge Graph“.

The display of song lyrics has introduced Google now, a lot of Trouble. one of the largest Lyrics sites on the Internet, accusing the search engine group to have systematically texts, without making it knows to ask for permission. The “Wall Street Journal“ first reported the incident.

A Trick that is transferred to Google

Suspicious it was according to his own testimony many years ago because of the song “Panda” by the American rapper Desiigner. Of these lyrics was on many platforms is flawed. worked directly with the Rapper and got the Original Lyrics. The Text was then also directly from Google. The Genius-operators have been taken aback, could Google prove nothing.

Google has been Transferred to finally with a Trick: 2016 started to edit some of the lyrics, without this to outsiders was evident. So apostrophes were represented in the lyrics of a song in a certain order, straight and curved. The order was not random but followed a pattern: Translated into Morse code the apostrophes “Red Handed would be hot”, which translated means as much as “Caught“. Google took over this mark not knowing – for the Genius-makers a clear indication of the song’s lyrics, theft. In total, more than 100 of the edited lyrics are showed up in Google’s hit lists, it says in the article.

Google is investigating the incident

In the case, it is not only the Moral, but also the money. earns his money by people lyrics call on your page. If however, these are already displayed in the Google results page, save yourself a lot of users of the click – accordingly, the revenue decrease.

Google has responded to the report of the “Wall Street Journal“ and wants to investigate the incident now. How it came to the Acquisition, is as yet unclear. Google stressed in a statement that “data quality and copyright are taken very seriously”. License partners are obliged to adhere to the terms and conditions of the group.

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By Christoph Fröhlich