Google recently updated its support page to provide more information on the compatibility of its Pixel phones with 5G networks. The page includes a table that lists each Pixel phone model along with the countries where it can work with different types of 5G networks.

The table includes every phone from the Pixel 4a (5G) to the Pixel 8a, and each model is accompanied by a list of countries where it is available for sale. This new resource consolidates information that was previously only available on a country-by-country basis on the Google Store’s tech specs page.

The table also indicates the type of 5G compatibility for each phone, such as “Sub-6” or “mmWave & Sub-6.” In some cases, Google notes when a phone is limited to specific carriers, like the Pixel 8 in the US.

While this information does not provide a definitive Pixel 5G country availability list, it does offer insight into where the faster connectivity should be available. Before the previous list was removed, it had been last updated in March 2024, with Pixel devices being sold in 23 countries at the time.

The updated support page advises users to consult their carrier about 5G coverage, speeds, and support for their specific phone model, as not all carriers offer 5G service, and coverage may be limited to certain areas.

In addition to the Pixel phones already on the market, the support page also lists upcoming models like the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7 series, detailing their 5G compatibility and availability in various countries.

Overall, this updated support page provides valuable information for consumers looking to purchase a Pixel phone with 5G capabilities, offering a comprehensive overview of device compatibility and availability across different regions. It serves as a useful resource for those considering a Pixel device for its 5G capabilities.