Google has undertaken to automatically delete information that it collects about users

Google announced a significant change in the rules applied by default in the handling of user data. CEO of a search engine Sundar Pichai wrote an official blog that the company demonstrates its commitment to the principles of privacy, security and freedom of choice for users.

the New policy will apply to all users who register a Google account since June 24. All the data about their search queries, geolocation and voice commands made through the device with the Assistant of Google, will automatically be deleted after 18 months.

the Original Google kept all such data indefinitely – they are extremely important for its business, so as to enable more targeted advertising. Last year, the search engine allowed the users of the service “activity Tracking” is set to automatically delete data after 3 or 18 months, but the default auto-delete has been disabled.

Innovation reflects a desire by Google to demonstrate concern about privacy of user data. However, in fact, it will affect only a small proportion of users. For the billions of owners of a Google account, which it already started and I don’t know about the possibility to limit or disable the transfer of personal information, the IT giant, nothing will change – their details, including those made many years ago, the search queries will without restrictions be used to target advertising.

Text: To.Hi-tech