Google has launched the analogue of Pinterest with artificial intelligence

Google has launched a new service Keen, through which users can monitor what is happening around their areas of interest. A new project was created in a start-up incubator Area 120 when teams PAIR, which studies the ways in which people interact with artificial intelligence.

Keen is available as a web version and a mobile application for Android. Most of all it resembles Pinterest, only the task of selecting content is assigned to machine learning systems.

Logs in with a Google account, the user can specify which topics interest him. For example, if he enjoys cooking, “smart” algorithms will be Keen to add a similar region, for example, diet or lifestyle. The AI will form a personal collection of images, articles, YouTube videos, social media posts, links to products in the online store and other content.

As Pinterest, the “infinite” tape is composed of cards that can be share or save for reference later. In search of new material meets AI: the more the user interacts with your collection, the more accurate the recommendations become.

Text: To.Hi-tech