presented speech As the Amazon in the late autumn of 2014, at which the first Echo speaker, and the reaction was the same everywhere: if you please, such a bug into the living room? However, the smart speaker were extremely popular. More than 100 million devices worldwide in use. However, the privacy-could doubt, despite all the assurances of the manufacturer is never completely eliminated.

To the right, as is once again demonstrated. A report by the Belgian radio VRT, according to Google-the contract employee to hear some of the conversations, the users with your Google Assistant lead. The transmitter is more than 1000 conversation were leaked recordings, which should be transcribed by contract workers.

The goal: By the calls to be manually put into writing light, can improve the quality of automatic speech recognition. This is useful in order to understand individual speech patterns (necessary for the detection of different voices) and regional accents better. The practice is common in the industry: Similar had revealed to the American news Agency “Bloomberg” a few months ago at Amazon.

Some of the recordings produced by mistake

for now most of the leaked audio recordings, it is the usual communication with language assistants. It is evident that the sentences begin with the Phrase “Okay, Google” – with this code word to start the Google Assistant. 153 conversations, but that was not the case. This “should never have been recorded,” – said in the report. Added it anyway and in the Cloud have been uploaded, is due to the fact that the Assistant’s mind accidentally, the activation phrase “Okay, Google,” even though you just said something Similar. Perhaps the Assistant was started accidentally on the Smartphone, without the user had noticed the optical and acoustic signals.

The Google contract worker reported to have intimate conversations overheard, including bed conversations, dialogues between parents and their children, and ask for medical information. According to the report, one of the employees was even an ear witness to a Situation of domestic violence.

language speaker “Alexa, who listens to the Amazon Echo?” Why 7000 people listen to your records

may Can hear is actually someone? This is a question many users of Amazon Echo. Yes, is the simple answer of a current report. And sometimes the shots are given more even.

By Malte Mansholt Google has already expressed

Google itself has now given in to a blog entry on the matter. The group confirmed that 0.2 percent of all records – so every 500. Recording manually by humans will be evaluated. This process successes completely anonymous, the employee may assign to the recordings of any individual Person, it is called.

so it is not easy in practice, but apparently. As a Reporter of the Belgian radio, it was possible to identify multiple users on the basis of the sound snippets and visit, because they called in discussions, personal information such as addresses.

privacy advocates criticize that Google makes to its users on this practice. Although there is some evidence that the voice recordings are analyzed for quality improvement are found in the terms and conditions of use of the Google Assistant. However, it is nowhere said that this is done by people.

language speakers Echo Alexa-Panne: Amazon is 1700 voice recordings to Strangers one of his recordings

Google has announced to investigate the case internally. delete It is in the first line but not the practice of recording and analysis of data, but about the fact that the service providers have passed on sensitive information to a Medium.

Who wants to listen to his previous Google recorded voice recordings, calls this page. Delete the recordings directly in the Google account in the section “data & personalization” under “My activities”, then on “voice & audio activity”.

If you want to know how to delete all the shots of Amazon’s Alexa, read more here.

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