Google will increase with the Streaming platform into the Games business a

Tuesday, 19. March, 20.30: Google wants to get in with a Streaming service for video games into the Games business. The platform with the name of Stadia to go in the current year, such as the Internet group announced on Tuesday. The idea is that the games are actually on Google’s servers in the network and on the devices of users via a fast Internet connection to be transferred.

“We are working on a games platform for everyone,” said Google chief Sundar Pichai at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), which is currently taking place in San Francisco. It is to be a platform “for people who like to play, the other to look like, and the like to develop games”.

According to this model, will Play a selection of PC-high 4K resolution will be available. Theoretically, the play graphically complex Games is on devices like a Smartphone – a high-speed Internet connection required. To control Google introduced a Controller of its own design. The gameplay can be in real-time on Google’s video platform YouTube to transfer recorded.

With the offer, the group competes not only with manufacturers of game consoles, and high-powered Gaming PCs, but also with specialized video services such as Twitch from the house of Amazon.

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