Google wants to let competing search engines pay for, if users in Europe to select you in setting up of Android devices as an Alternative.

The Internet group announced an auction procedure as a solution for the accusation of the EU Commission, that it engaged in unfair competition. The authority had imposed in the past year because of the business model to the Android operating system, a penalty of 4.34 billion euros against Google. The alternative is pre-installed in-house web search of the group was a Central point of criticism.

By the beginning of 2020, to users in Europe, the establishment of a Android to device get in addition to Google, three more search engines available for selection. Who’s it gonna be, should be decided in an auction process with sealed bids, explained the Internet group at the weekend. The four search engines to be arranged in the list according to the random principle.

The auctions will take place once per year in each country of the European economic region take place. In your bid, the search engines will give you the price that you are willing to pay, if a user decides to use your service. You will then receive a monthly bill from Google and only pay if the users choose your service.

“An auction is a fair and objective method to determine which search provider will come to the selection screen,” explained the Internet group. The search engines could decide how much it worth to you to appear in the list. The selection list should only be used on devices with pre-installed Google search displayed.

The EU Commission showed a reaction, satisfied that Google has promised the competing search engines, the opportunity to deal with the Smartphone-to the providers of their services on Android devices pre-installed. “That was not previously possible,” said the authority. At the same time, it was said that the Commission will monitor the implementation of the selection list and the reactions of other market participants on the procedure carefully.

Google’s announcement quickly turned to criticism in the case of several competitors. The European search engine, Qwant, condemned the Plan because it was “another unacceptable abuse of the dominant position of Google”. Qwant referred, inter alia, that the proposed procedure “would be open to search engines that derive their results, and revenue from Google, resulting in an unacceptable distortion, and a high risk of Manipulation, inequality and infidelity of the auction arises”.

the chief of The search engine DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, said on Twitter that, with only four of the list of places the user would have to little choice and Google would benefit at the expense of competitors.

In the Google Plan is also provided a Situation in which other search engines free of charge in the list could come. The competitors need to sign up for inclusion in the selection – and can then go without a bid. For each country, a minimum bid should be set. If there are fewer than three Google rivals, who will submit the minimum bid should be filled in the free spaces in the list according to the random principle with the logged-on services, explained to the group.

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