It was already dark, on the Shadow Creek Course in Las Vegas, the decision in the duel between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods fell. After 18 holes both were still equal. Only a Birdie-Putt from Mickelson on the fourth Playoff hole brought after five and a half hour Show, the decision – and almost eight million euros (nine million dollars) for the winner.

“There could not have been better,” Woods said after the duel, which was the first to be designed exclusively for Pay-TV. For Mickelson, who played most of his career in the shadow of the Golf Superstars, it was a particular success: “You should know that I’m not gonna let you never forget,” he said in the direction of the Woods: “It’s not the Masters or the US Open, but it is nice to have for the coming years, a little something to annoy you.”

in addition to the official prize money from the private assets of the two Golf stars, Woods and Mickelson bets had been completed, including over a Million dollars for an Eagle on the ninth hole, was able, however, what is not. Mickelson could win three other competitions and a further $ 600,000 (530,000 euros), Woods bar $ 200,000 (175.000 euros), because his opponent succeeded on the first hole a Birdie. The sum of $ 800,000 is now flowing to charity.

Whether or not this TV-Show Format man-to-man with only 700 guests will find on the pitch in the professional sport of Golf imitators, remains questionable. Both Mickelson as well as Woods gave to Protocol, that bets have been lost on the regular PGA Tour, nothing. “It felt like a training round, but more on the game,” said Mickelson.