To Berlin

The German Army is seeking to broaden its scope of recruitment to all-round. Confronted with the lack of staff since the cessation of conscription in 2011 the Bundeswehr aims to become “one of the employers the most attractive of Germany in the year 2025”. The formula had been used by the minister of Defence during the presentation of its white paper in the summer of 2016. The bleeding within of the troops seems to be halted. Ursula von der Leyen, in an interview with the Rheinischen Post, welcomes in the balance sheet of 182.000 soldiers, is 2500 more than last year. The objective is to identify 203.000 military in six years. The call under the flags seems to have been particularly understood by women, representing this year 12 % of the workforce, a record.

The operation of dredging wants to cast the net even wider. “The German army, according to his chief of staff, Eberhard Zorn, must look in all directions in a period of shortage of workers …

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