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for many Years the German computer game award (DCP) mainly due to a crippling lack of alternatives shaped. Since 2009, he is awarded annually, alternately in Munich and Berlin. Strategy games of the Anno series have been awarded already, a total of four Times, including twice in the main category “Best German game”.

Similarly, it looks at the Adventures of the Hamburg-based developer Daedalic Entertainment. You come to a total of six awards, including twice in the main category. If we add to that both here and in the Anno series, the numerous nominations, the German game industry is woefully unimaginative. That in 2017 for the first Time since a seven-DCP-award ceremonies neither a Anno strategy game, nor is it a Daedalic-Adventure game is nominated, is therefore, above all: refreshing.

Rarely, the nominations for the DCP, presented themselves in a diverse and free of the usual Suspects. This may simply be related to the fact that in the past twelve months, no new Updates. In particular, the spaces in the main price were occupied, but with three high-quality titles.

closing with Skat as a Serious Game

The real-time strategy game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun of the Munich Studios Mimimi Productions, for example, has it up to the top of the sales charts of the distribution service, Steam managed. Tactical Gameplay, and a right unused Setting in feudal Japan gave the surprise success has also consistently positive reviews.

Significantly of Minecraft the multi-player game Portal, Knights of the Keen Games in Frankfurt am Main is inspired. Although the final game is not released yet, the Early Access Version is already very well received by the public.

The in Kassel and Berlin-based indie Studio Black Pants was able to obtain the DCP 2013, Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers already the award as the Best youth game. Your Puzzle platformers On Rusty Trails is nominated this year for the main prize. The game will surprise you with his unconventional graphic style, as well as with a background story about prejudice and gentrification.

“She Remembered Caterpillar” is nominated as Best children’s game. ©

The next categories were already occupied in the last years always more interesting than the main prize, apart from several rather questionable nominations, especially in the category Best Serious Game. Skatlernspiele saw in the immediate vicinity of platformers on mourning processes.

thanks to the filing of record of more than 450 Games there are this year, but not so obvious stopgap. With the monitoring, simulation Orwell Hamburg Osmotic Studios, among other things, a logical and of the critically acclaimed compromise between a content claim and a playful quality.

the other categories are peppered nominated with outstanding titles: She Remembered Caterpillar, as the Best children’s game, is a beautifully illustrated puzzle game that was also already represented at this year’s Award at the Independent Games festival in San Francisco.

The just-released Action-Adventure game Future Unfolding, nominated for Best production, is accompanied longer positive in the trade press and on cultural festivals passed around. With its open, exploratory course of the game, it is one of the biggest Surprises of this year’s DCPs.