GEORGES TRON – Georges Tron was finally acquitted, then he was accused of rape. His lawyer, Eric Dupont-Moretti, had defended the mayor of Draveil of rather peculiar way…

[updated November 15, 2018 at 16h49] Acquittator has struck again. Eric Dupont-Moretti, one of the lawyers for the most famous of France, has once more justified his famous nickname. The questions and considerations for this 57-year-old has defended Georges Tron during the four weeks (!) the trial, which were held in the assize court of the tribunal de grande instance of Bobigny. The mayor of Draveil, as well as his former assistant, Brigitte Gruel, were on trial for “rape and sexual assault in a meeting”, after complaints, the old of seven years, Virginia Ettel and Eva Loubrieu. These two women, former employees, municipal, and claim to have been touched and penetrations fingers of their hand, between 2007 and 2010, while the municipal official had sold sessions of foot reflexology.

And yet, things seemed to be well embedded for Georges Tron, against whom the attorney general had requested six years in prison on Wednesday – four against Ms. Gruel. But finally, at 15 hours on Thursday, the jury decided for the acquittal of the two accused. A decision that must necessarily advocacy of non-standard master-Dupont-Moretti, who used an argument quite aggressive on Wednesday to counter the civil parties. The questions and considerations for this had first caught the breach of the freedom of speech of women. “That the word of the woman is released, this is perfect,” he announced, before change of tone : “But the receptacle of this word, neither the social networks nor the media, but this must be justice.”

The lawyer of Georges Tron has then referred to his childhood before the court of assizes of the Seine-Saint-Denis. “I remember with nostalgia when I was a young man, and that I was frequenting the night clubs. We waited with a bunch of friends lurking in the shadows series of slows. There was dancing with a girl. When it worked, once on 30, you kissed him. When it didn’t work, we called it a rake. So I am a little overwhelmed by it all. The younger generation is going to choose his way of life as we have chosen ours. But you we prepare a world that is curious,” he lamented, in particular, in a long argument.

Dupont-Moretti : “I would jump at the throat”

“I found a patient…”, he said about Georges Tron and Brigitte Gruel. Eric Dupont-Moretti then turned to the civil parties. And send : “Me, I would jump at the throat”. And then his about was engulfed in the exposure of rumors more or less famous : “Macron ! he is homosexual ! And then there was Benalla, Douste-Blazy, Darmanin, Huntley, Baudis, you remember Baudis ?”. This Thursday morning, the defense had the right to an ultimate window of speech before the court retires to the conference room.

“I spent seven years extremely difficult. I think of my family. I am aware that my fate is in your hands. I am totally innocent of the facts I have alleged,” said Georges Tron, after these four weeks of trial. This mode of operation has therefore convinced the jury, which deliberated and gave its verdict on Thursday.

Georges Tron and Brigitte Gruel had always denied block the charges of the two complainants, denouncing the establishment of a conspiracy on the part of their local rivals in the FN of that time. An attempt “to politicize a purely sexual” on the part of Georges Tron, said the advocate-general, who, during the trial, denounced a “system ” Tron”. The president of the court of assizes, in turn, had spoken of a “climate sexualized” in the town hall, “which could make plausible the scenes described”.

Georges Tron has been “deprived of the opportunity to continue his career, mocked…”

the decision of The jury has not failed to react Eric Dupont-Moretti. Since the tribunal de grande instance de Bobigny, the questions and considerations for this welcomed the decision to acquit his client. “This is an illustration once again that justice is not justice in the media, where Georges Tron has been sentenced in conditions that are ineligible for seven years, deprived of the opportunity to continue his career, mocked… We hope that it is a page that turns to him,” he said to the media, welcoming a “victory of justice” and not a “victory defense”. Now, an appeal is possible on the part of the prosecutor, but the lawyer of Georges Tron, it would be a “call” vanity and pride”.

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