In the annual “Steam Summer Sale” from avid gamers willingly a lot of money for reduced games – even on the Online platform purchased, can gamers download the Software, then at any time. Often much of the acquired game titles gathering dust in the digital games library.

The operator Valve of the Online game provider Steam lost in France but now a legal dispute, which could be this players of Use: The highest French court found that the games platform must make it possible for their customers in the future, to be able to digitally purchased games continue to sell. The U.S. company filed an appeal against the judgment. Of the case, the Online-magazine “Kotaku reported”.

Steam high fines Gaming threaten with contempt as an occupation “Because you can earn a lot already” – what it’s Like to put in for a professional Gamer to be

by 2015, the French consumer organisation UFC-Que Choisir lawsuit against the Software company. That buyer can sell the purchased games back, was just one of the points of criticism. The should have filed an appeal of the Valve is unsuccessful, it may have the judgment of France and in other EU countries the consequences. Likewise, a similar provider would have to change up your offer.

Should not implement the gaming platform Steam, make the appropriate Changes within one month, the company is facing a fine of 3000 Euro per day, up to a period of six months. As long as the appeal is still open, however, no penalties and no Changes in the games Shop to expect. A spokesman for the company confirmed to “Kotaku”. Thus, need to wait for players to, you may perhaps submit your old faulty purchases.

source: “Kotaku”

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