He is getting closer: The Moment every Fan of “Game of Thrones” fear alike, as is longing for: the big Finale. 14. April starts the series in the United States in the eighth and definitively final season. At the end of the sixth episode, the final battle is struck, and probably a majority of the characters dead.

the New Teaser for “Game of Thrones”channel HBO point to a gloomy end to the cult of the epic.

“Game of Thrones” – there’s the eighth season in Germany, to see

In the US, Game of Thrones is on HBO, this country has secured Sky the Streaming rights to the cult series. In the Pay-TV channel there are several ways to view the new episodes:

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“Sky Atlantic” customers with packages, “Entertainment” or “Entertainment Plus”, the information of the transmitter according to the consequences of the eighth season from the 15. April on Mondays from 3 o’clock in the morning, shortly after the US broadcast – view.

Who does not want to commit long term with a subscription to Sky, and with a HD resolution instead of Full HD, can use the in-house Streaming service, “Sky Ticket”. The one month’s notice. At the Start of the finale of “Game of Thrones”, Sky offers the service in the first month at half the price of just five euros. Also, seasons one through seven of “Game of Thrones” are in the Sky Ticket available.

Here there are “Game of Thrones”

For the season start, Sky has the eighth season of “Game of Thrones” exclusively, with a time delay, the last six episodes will be on other portals available. They offer, among other things, Amazon Prime Video, Apple’s iTunes Store and Google Play, the previous seasons for sale. The costs are usually at two to three euros per episode, or between about 15 and 20 euros for a whole season.

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