In two weeks ‘ time, On 14. April will finally start the long-awaited eighth season of “Game of Thrones”. One of the most successful series in the world is the Grand Finale. The Hype among Fans is after two years of waiting, big, still House HBO wants to fan the flames of him with two TV trailers. And actually make you want more.

“now We must fight together or we will die” – the imp Tyrion Lannister begins the first Clip. He is clear in the great hall of Winterfell, in the Background of Sansa are Strong and to recognize Daenerys Targaryen. Actually, had allied with the Starks and the Targaryens, Tyrion summons the required unity, indicates a conflict. Or on something completely different: Fans speculating that Tyrion will travel in the last season to King’s landing to his hated sister Cersei, to forge an Alliance. With the speech in the Clip, he could engage the others on this Plan.

Game of Thrones Die from these figures in the final? SpotOnNews Who sits on the dragon?

it comes to battle, the Rest of the Trailer clear to you. And Winterfell is the Front. In the Clip of the Immaculate from the Norse fortress from the back, a skeleton-horse of the white walkers on the snowy ground in front of the solid. And the dragon circles around the residential seat of the Starks. Striking: Davos, Tyrion, and Varys looking after one of the dragons impressed. All three are used to the big beasts for a long time, your surprised reaction, the following must apply to something else. The theory of some Fans: On one of the dragon John is riding.

Exciting a scene in which John turns away from Daenerys. The seconds-long Clip would be hardly noticeable. Fans have, however, found that not to be seen in the Background of Winterfell – but Daenerys the room in the dragon stone. The two make it so significantly more in the South.

the series-to-Hit “Game of Thrones”: Why the first Poster of the 8. Season on a completely different end, and is an indication Of Malte Mansholt Fan-moments

The second Trailer not only brings supplementary Details. To a great Moment: Jon is under the red weirwood tree in the garden of his family – and behind him, Arya comes suddenly into the picture. The two supposed brothers and sisters were of one heart and soul, and have not seen since the second episode. A long dream of Fans is finally fulfilled.

Otherwise, the Clip contains fragments. In a tiny Moment of Daenerys and Jorah are hard to imagine. With much good humor, Cersei is in King’s landing next to the mountain and your creepy Advisor. Her brother and lover Jamie fights in a burning solid. Where exactly, is not to be seen. The architecture and the presence of the Bluthunds point to Winterfell – Jamie would have changed the final pages. The appropriate comment from Jamie from the Off: “This goes beyond loyalty. Here it is a question of Survival.” It will be an exciting season.