Samsung Galaxy Note – the state of the beginning for top-of-the-art technology, the great functioning stylus S-Pen and a huge Display. After in the last few years, the competitors were always bigger, had a Samsung a few problems to justify the high price of the Notes. So cute the included pen also presented was: The surcharge of several Hundred euros, he is likely to be the least in value. With the Note 10 Samsung wants to change this now. If this is successful, betrays our Test

The biggest change is the Note formula for the First time, there are two different models. They differ besides the screen-size, especially in the technical Details. We have tested with the score of 10+ the more potent of the two.


The edge of the screen is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ so small that the front camera peeping through a small hole in the center of the display.

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The first Note was considered to be quite gigantic, nowadays it would be with its diagonal of 5.2 inches, rather small. In fact, it was one of the major problems of Note 9 that it cost hardly any as Galaxy S9+ difference – but 250 Euro more. The Note 10 Samsung learn. Although the “normal” Note 10 with 6.3 inch is even slightly smaller than the S10+, the top model is a whole of 6.8 inches but the back is really huge. The great advantage is that Because the edge of the display was evaporated to an absolute Minimum, it is still compact enough for convenient use.

The Display itself is a feast for the eyes. The resolution is 1440 x 3040 (QuadHD) cracking sharp, and the colors and contrasts – as usual – impressive. The Display of the smaller Note 10 is provided with a slightly enlarged FullHD resolution is a bit blurred, really, you should see the but only in direct comparison. The usual angular Design occurs due to the narrow edge completely in the Background. At the rear Samsung uses similar to Huawei on glass with mother-of-pearl-effect. A very successful combination, which also feels good. A pity: Despite the large case, Samsung waived for the first time on a Jack.


The back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is decorated with a glass plate in mother-of-pearl optic. The camera is now aligned to the left edge. The fingerprint sensor was installed directly in the Display.

©Malte Mansholt star online-Technically in the front of the

In the case of the performance the Galaxy Note 10+ with plays at the very front, disappointed but still a little. The just introduced a processor Exynos 9825 approach offers a lot of computing power, at the least a year old iPhone XS Max, he comes in the comparison of the performance Benchmarks Geekbench In single core Test, of the Note 10 reaches 4516 points, on the iPhone there are 4816. Also, the multi-core test is in favor of the iPhone. The stars reached here 9969 points, Apple’s top of the range model depends on 11341 points clear. In everyday life you don’t should feel any of these Differences in the rule, although a few, for the top spot, it’s enough for Samsung, nevertheless, a good month before Apple introduces an even stronger model.

iPhone-rumors iPhone 11: betrayed Apple accidentally the interview date? By Malte Mans

get Lush the memory equipment: With 12 GB of RAM the Note 10+, not only four GB more than the smaller model, but more than almost all of the other devices on the market. Particularly when explained below DeX Feature can be used to advantage. And also the data storage, Samsung is not stingy: at Least 256 GB are used, a more expensive model offers surcharge even 512 GB. The grade of 1+, the storage via a microSD card to expand.

Also, when it comes to battery, Samsung has not saved – at least, not the Plus model. The 4300 mAH range will always loose over the day, with normal to intensive use, a second day was mostly still there. The smaller, Note 10 is likely to hold because of the smaller batteries are slightly shorter by. Also the quick charge function, there is only the big Moell.

Test Galaxy Note 10+ in camera comparison: it’s the Turn of Samsung’s new Top model From the Malte Mansholt Good point-and-Shoot

the camera to Samsung’s usual very good. The triple camera offers, in addition to the conventional 16-MP Camera, a wide angle and a tele lens with 2x Zoom. Special Features like the 10x Zoom of the Huawei P30 Pro or the extreme night mode of Google’s Pixel-Smartphones lack. Nevertheless, the Note 10 belongs+ to rich the best camera-Smartphones, shoots during the day and in low light very detailed images with good contrast. The colors are Samsung typically very trendy, work covered, sometimes easily. If you more the more natural, but faderen colors prefer is ultimately a matter of taste. In the photo you will find some sample images and a comparison to the iPhone XS Max.


Really points, the touch device can than work. For several years, Samsung is trying to the Note position number in this direction, with the Note 10 better than ever before. As with the predecessors, a wonderful Word on the large Display using the pen, documents, Mails and also Excel spreadsheets edit, and thanks to Multitasking, multiple Windows open. The appropriate Microsoft Offce Suite is pre-installed, but requires an Office 365 subscription. The real Killer Feature is, but DeX. So Samsung announced its ability to make the grade by cable to the computer set. And which is finally suitable for daily use.


the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to a PC or Mac, it’s like a separate Computer.

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To DeX was also with the predecessors possible, with the Note 10, the most annoying hurdle falls, but to require Instead of a private Dock to connect to it with screen and keyboard, you can connect the Note via USB-C cable directly with a PC or Mac. As soon as the free DeX Software is installed, you get the Note just as your own Desktop in a window.

There, you can not only use the Apps as usual, and, for example, with the keyboard in the Word App on the touch will not work, but also files easily between the two System back and forth and immediately use. The touch is the mobile link that can be used flexibly between computers and confuse, and on-the-go will continue to operate. In practice, DeX worked with a Mac quite well, the connection had to be frequently re-established. Life would be so unacceptable here, Samsung should repair quickly.


As always, the S disappears-Pen baptized pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in the metal frame.

©Malte Mansholt star online conclusion: The best Samsung Smartphone for years

With the Galaxy Note 10+ managed Samsung, to create its top smartphones finally a niche of their own. The power Samsung no longer was there anyway, always at the front, in times of the ever-growing Displays and declining prices, the pure size, and the pen was sufficient as a stand-alone feature, but, in order to justify the high prices of the Note series. With the score of 10+ the past: No other Smartphone offers so much to Work with.

With its huge Display and smart-pen, plenty of power and runtime, looking for the stars than be productive of the same device. The easy-to-use as a Desktop machine by DeX makes the whole thing perfect. The mix reminds, by chance, to Microsoft’s Productive focus for the Surface devices. After the Office group had cancelled its Windows-based Smartphones, has worked at the Note closely with Samsung.

The biggest drawback – besides the some hands sure to a large Display – is the price: at Least 1050 Euro as of today is Galaxy Note 10+ costs. This is for an Android Smartphone with a lot of money. Who does not want to abandon the pen, only the smaller Note 10 (starting at about 930 euros) or the grade 9 remains as an Alternative. All the others should look better the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (here in the Test) or the Huawei P30 Pro (also tested by us). They offer similar performance for significantly less money.

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