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Contrary to news – think of hacker attacks, or Fake News is not the Internet, not so bad. Sometimes it is really heart-warming. For example, if a live streamer of money for the rights of Trans*people would like to and all of a sudden well-known game developer, Chelsea Manning, and is currently one of the hottest American politician, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in the lead.

this is what happened last weekend. The British YouTuber and Streamer Harry Brewis, better known as Hbomberguy announced, to play in front of a camera, the old console game Donkey Kong 64 complete. On the platform on the people record when you Gamble, and with the spectators chat. His audience, he asked for donations, and said he was directing all to the charity Mermaids. She offers young people advice and help, can’t identify with the gender assigned at birth, possibly trans*.

occasion for the Stream, the statements of the Irish Comedians and screenwriters Graham Linehan, in the past, more trans*-were more hostile to expressed and, most recently, tried to block the promotion of Mermaids’ by the state lottery. Brewis wanted to put a counter-point, and the organization will support.

Game stream for charity are not uncommon. For years, the donation marathon Games Done Quick on twitch, where funds for charitable purposes will be collected, while talented players, and the game tries to play as quickly as possible and error-free Games. In the most recent edition of the Games Done Quick at the beginning of January, 2.4 million US dollars, came together in a week.

From $ 500 340.000

Hbomberguy were set a modest fundraising goal: Only 500 US Dollar he wanted to get out of its viewers and spectators. When he finished, after almost 58 hours (including a NAP) in the Stream, he had $ 340,000, the equivalent of just under 300,000 euros. 690.000 people to watch over the weekend – and that was mainly due to the dynamics of twitch and social networks.

Hbomberguy on Friday, the Stream began to be turned on first, especially his Fans. They observed Brewis’ progress in Donkey Kong 64, which he had played in his Childhood never. It was an ordinary twitch-Stream: A played, others looked about the platform and donated small amounts of money. Only on Saturday, the action got first attention. Activists working for Trans*people, linked the Stream on Twitter, which celebrities like the singer Cher were aware of it and him with her 3.6 million followers shared. After 24 hours, Brewis had already 50,000 US dollars.

The highlight was yet to follow. As of Sunday Brewis played continue to Donkey Kong 64, but as is the case with a radio show could also enable other people in the Stream, by increasing Brewis via a Chat service such as Skype or Discord of contact. And the deeds of some well-known names. The Whistleblower Chelsea Manning, self-trans*, were Donkey-Kong-tips, the legendary game developer John Romero (Doom) came forward and called “Trans rights!”. Other Internet personalities such as the game journalist Jim Sterling, and the erotic author Chuck Tingle were among the celebrity guests, and ensured that the Stream is partially tens of thousands of spectators watched at the same time.