summarize Only slightly make sense, then bad luck – the preliminary assessment of the Accident Investigation Board Norway. This is based on the statements of the Crew of the “Helge Ingstad” and the civilian crew of the tanker “Sola TS”. In addition, the data were examined, the “Ingstad”, the “Sola TS” and the Norwegian coastal administration.

according to The report, the “Helge Ingstad went lights” with Navigation. Although the ship was a Stealth, it was for the civilian ships and land stations the Radar is clearly visible. The frigate did not, however, the AIS ship positioning code. The Code is used by all civilian ships. In him the Name of the ship, course and exact Position is transmitted. Another advantage: These data can be evaluated with any Smartphone, as you can see here.

The Radar on the other hand delivers only a Signal, whether an object is located on the sea. What type of ship it is and which course it holds, does not reveal the Radar. In addition, a ship can get into the radar shadow of the coast line or other vessel, then it is invisible. With the AIS that does not happen.

to send From the report, one can not conclude that the crew of the “Helge Ingstad” alone as a Signal. You don’t monitored, apparently, the AIS signals from other vessels. Then you would have identified the Tanker immediately. Apparently, the crew had to Navigate by sight – without technical AIDS, such as the Vikings, their ships moving.

Tanker full of

illuminated By about 3.40 p.m., the Crew noticed the brightly lit Tanker, which had illuminated the whole Deck. Because of the flood Light, the Crew held the glistening of the Tanker, however, for a facility on Land. Also, this confusion seems strange, because the Sture Terminal, the Tanker was, is recorded in each card. Ship traffic in its vicinity is not uncommon.

Shortly thereafter, the “Sola TS put” from the Oil Terminal and drove in the direction of the open sea on the frigate. The Tanker and the control centre on Land noticed that the frigate, could not identify the spot on the Radar but due to the lack of signal.

“Helge Ingstad” came closer and closer, trying, the trading vessel to reach the frigate, so that these would turn to starboard. The only way a collision was avoided.

warship “Helge Ingstad” backup to weak – Norwegian frigate sunk By Gernot Kramper

On the bridge of the “Helge Ingstad” there was now complete confusion. There had not been detected the immediately preceding the current Tanker still. It was believed, instead of talking with him with a different ship. The urgent desire to change course, you do not want to follow. As the Crew held the Tanker to the mainland, would have set the change in the price of the frigate on the Land.

in fact, this assumption was wrong. Only with the perspective of the “Sola TS was” hard to come by. However, both on the AIS System as well as on the Radar, the Crew would have had to recognize the frigate, is a ship in the water and no port facility in the country.

By 4 p.m., the Crew of the “Ingstad noticed” the error. However, for a successful evasive maneuver it was too late, the ships collided. After the collision, the bridge lost control of drive and control. Shortly thereafter, the leaders met lots of ship on the shore line.

Until then, was the caused collision due to the unconventional Navigation of the frigates Crew. But now, after the misfortune had happened, and showed structural defects of the vessel type. The frigate took in the three departments of water. The crew hoped the break-in to curb and to keep the ship above water. However, the individual sections of the frigate were not separated watertight from each other. The propeller shafts water got into the technology space. After it was flooded, it flowed more in the rear and the front of the engine room. With so many sections under water, the frigate was not to keep. Tugs were able to prevent a decline only by the warship on the coast. There it was made. But the anchor was too light, the ship broke up later and then was lost for good. The third mishap in a row.

source: The Report “the Norwegian Frigate Helge Ingstad Accident Report” can be viewed here.

wreck of the “Helge Ingstad” 500 million euros on the basis of the Tanker was not able to set invisible frigate, places

Norway has the most expensive warship, the “Helge Ingstad”, with a Tanker collided. The crew was able to places the Stealth frigate on the Radar. It was only when it was too late, should have revealed the “Helge Ingstad” your Position.

Gernot Kramper