That was the biggest Blackout in the Norwegian history. On 8. November 2018, collided with the frigate “Helge Ingstad” in front of the coast of Norway with an oil Tanker. A detailed reconnaissance is not yet available, but apparently the officers of the frigate wanted to test the Navigation view in the vicinity of an oil terminal.

A number of difficult-to-understand breakdowns and carelessness on Board of the warship led to the accident. The “Helge Ingstad” had been shut down, among other things, the own positioning signal. Also, the helmsman should not have observed on the bridge, the positioning data of other vessels and Radar. They practiced the Navigating point of view, and in the case of this risky maneuver is another error happened to you: you saw the brightly-lit tankers, stopped him, however, for an Installation on the mainland. This error led to the collision and the subsequent sinking of the frigate. Now it was lifted, and in the marine Arsenal brought.

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A control room, such as the Enterprise, only a 50-man crew and a historic name: the Dreadnought 2050 to cope with the Royal Navy of the future. In the flight deck, the drones are housed.


– Better than the Enterprise – British the battleship of the future

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But now the government has chosen the frigate to be scrapped. Because a repair would be far more expensive than the purchase of a new, improved ship. Already at the time of recovery was to recognize that three months under water the ship is visibly added. The interior design, the machines and the generators and all the electronics were irretrievably damaged.

Marine-German frigate is proud of its victories. Who has brought the Navy from the sky? Gernot Kramper

A repair should cost 12 to 14 billion Norwegian crowns, a new ship, however, is with 11 to 13 billion crowns (1.2 to 1.45 billion Euro) cheaper. The “Helge Ingstad” was one of the five ships of the “Fritjof Nansen”-class. The Norwegian Navy has lost one of her strongest and most modern ships.

defects in the design class

The “Helge Ingstad” in the autumn of 2009 as the fourth of five frigates of the Nansen-class to the Navy passed. The frigate has a displacement of 5290 tons. The length is 134 meters, the width 16,80 metres. It is equipped with the Aegis combat system and was designed for the Stealth aspects. You perceive, therefore, hardly on the Radar.

it is Unclear yet what the replacement will order the Navy. The frigate sank after the collision because of construction defects. The crew hoped that the water break-in to curb and to keep the ship above water. However, the individual sections of the frigate were not separated watertight from each other. The propeller shafts water got into the technology space. After the was flooded, the water flowed more in the rear and the front of the engine room. With so many sections under water, the frigate was not to keep.

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“Helge Ingstad” frigates-doom – crew mistook the Tanker with the mainland

Human error and a design error led to the sinking of the “Helge Ingstad”. The collision was caused by the crew, but after the collision, a construction error to the downfall.

Gernot Kramper