Found in Google Play apps that drain your smartphone

Photo: depositphotos/stockasso

the Developer of Bitdefender antivirus found 17 apps for Android, which is the charging gets faster, according to RIA Novosti.

Among these apps as office utilities, and games. The experts identified specific algorithm showing ads: if the first 48 hours after installation, the app shows banners in moderation, then their numbers are growing.

According to experts, these programs are “potentially dangerous”, and not malicious, but their main function in the flow of aggressive advertising.

the International human rights organization has appealed to the head of Google with the requirement to change a policy of pre-installed software on a number of devices. The prerequisite for this was the fact that the gadgets on Android contains pre-installed apps that cannot be deleted.

According to human rights activists, this can lead to security vulnerabilities of smartphones, including the dissemination of the personal data of the owners without their knowledge or consent.

Earlier in Samsung smartphones found dangerous vulnerability. Experts believed that hackers remotely get access to cloud users. Due to this, they received free access to recent calls, contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos.

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