Former Manager Google launches paid search engine without ads

the Former head of advertising business Google Sridhar Ramaswamy, who is in company for more than 15 years, has announced the launch of its own search service Neeva. According to the businessman, he is disillusioned with the politics of his former employer, who put increasing revenue a priority over user experience.

the quality of Google search has deteriorated markedly, Ramaswamy told the newspaper the New York Times. Useful links in the results move from the top lines down to accommodate more advertising, he said, and privacy is sacrificed to the tools that track user interaction with ads.

the Last straw for former Manager of Google was the scandal that erupted in November 2017. As written media, on YouTube, was discovered, the commercials featuring half-dressed children, accompanied by is Deutsche Bank, Amazon, eBay and Adidas. For automated systems, which show the banners, said the team Ramaswamy.

“a Month later, I decided that in life I need to do something else, he said. And I came to the conclusion that the possibility of promotional models is limited.”

as a result Ramaswamy decided to launch its own search service Neeva, which will not show ads, and collect and sell user data. The startup plans to earn solely through subscriptions.

According to the businessman, Neeva will be free until the end of the year. Then users will start to charge some amount for access to the service — but not more than $10 per month. Eventually, when the audience of the project will increase, the subscription price will be reduced.

Ramaswamy describes Neeva as a convenient tool that allows you to search the Internet and among the files of the user. For processing search queries meets technology in Microsoft Bing, weather information comes from quotes andktsy provides Intrinio, and online card — Apple. Neeva is also possible to connect Google accounts, Microsoft Office and Dropbox to view your mail, documents and calendar appointments.

Neeva not yet Officially launched. To join the waiting list on the project site, specifying the email address.

Ramaswamy Company located in mountain view, where the headquarters of Google. It employs 25 people. In a startup invested $37.5 million by the entrepreneur and Greylock venture capital Fund Sequoia Capital is one of the first investors in Google.

Text: To.Hi-tech