The Update of Fortnite for Season 9 is to be rolled out. Manufacturer Epic Games announces due to the update, a scheduled Downtime of the Server.

The maintenance 9 have to work on Thursday. May, started at 10 am and will go probably until about noon. In this time, the access to the game is no longer vorübergehnd possible, the Matchmaking System works and the game is disabled. Around noon, the Fortnite Update 9.0 is expected to be available. Detailed information about the Update are not yet known.

Fortnite Downtime is usually short-lived

In the past, the Downtime of Fortnite lasted not too long. Around noon, the fun should start all over again. In the course of maintenance, the content of the new season will be play work. At the same time the Update 9.0 is available as a Download.

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