For Tesla developed the battery lasts for 16 years and a million miles

Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries for electric vehicles, as well as an important partner and supplier of Tesla and Volkswagen announced its readiness to begin production of innovative elements. As stated in the CATL, they managed to develop a battery that is 16 years or total mileage of 1.24 million miles (2 million km).

About breakthrough technology Bloomberg told the head of the company Zheng Sun. According to him, the cost of production of the “eternal” battery is only 10% higher than other commercially available batteries that do not greatly affect the price of the electric car.

Sung added that CATL are ready to receive orders for the production of batteries of a new type. What companies were contracted, he said.

the Battery is the most expensive part of the electric car. The opportunity to carry item with a long service life from an old machine to new would significantly reduce the cost of the electric vehicle. For example, Tesla batteries are now warranted for eight years or 150 thousand miles (~240 thousand km), which usually requires replacement every 3 years.

In may, sources Reuters reported that CATL and Tesla lead the joint development of a rechargeable battery that lasts 1 million miles. Whether this is the battery that is announced Sung is not specified.

Text: To.Hi-tech