All is perhaps not lost for the Girondins de Bordeaux. After suffering a painful relegation to Ligue 2, due to a particularly poor Ligue 1 season, the Bordelais learned even worse bad news: their administrative relegation to National by the DNCG. But there is still hope of being saved. For that, we will have to put a lot of money on the table and the sales of players in the transfer window will undoubtedly be able to help. According to owner Gérard Lopez, Girondins de Bordeaux need 22 million euros to stay in Ligue 2.

In an interview with RMC where he admitted to having “pocketed” – to the tune of 10 million euros in equity – to cover part of the 40 million euro deficit, Lopez estimated that 22 million euros the sum to be found to avoid relegation to National. That money would “come from player sales,” he explained. “We have written offers that exceed 22 million euros. They concern players who were in selections. We are sure to do them, we gave guarantees to the DNCG “during the first visit on June 14th. A new hearing before the court is scheduled for early July.

Still looking for an agreement with its creditors, the King Street and Fortress funds which hold the club’s debt and want to recover the profit-sharing on the sale of Aurélien Tchouaméni to Real Madrid (pending that of Jules Koundé, Sevilla defender solicited by Chelsea and Barcelona), the Spanish-Luxembourgish businessman recalled the risk of filing for bankruptcy. “Of course there is a risk. As long as there is no agreement with the lenders, there is clearly that risk,” he said.

“That’s the goal,” he summarizes, assuring that “a lot of work has been done [during this offseason], with a lot of players analyzed and chosen, including with the coach. The idea is to build a squad with players cut out for Ligue 2, with character. There are players who are committed to us morally and verbally, but the situation makes it complicated for contracts.”