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Food truck in Need: Therefore, the policemen are fighting with the tears


In America, a prejudice is cherished against police officers, lovingly: they eat tons of Donuts and the loved one during the service time. A Post of police of Lexington, Kentucky, has taken this wide-spread opinion on the shovel and it went viral.

Destroyed, Donuts and bustle of police officers, the tears in the eyes

The officers were called to a truck accident and a shocking sight presented itself to you. It was, of all things, the Vice of the popular doughnut shop chain Krispy Kreme had also caught fire. Countless delicious, sweet lard, pastries, particles were simply gone up in flames, a fact that was apparently too much for the cops:

writes the images of the torn officials, the police: “Speechless” and a crying Smiley. This is a self-ironic response has provided a lot of laughs and sympathies in the network. The Post has gained in only 3 days to 132,000 Likes, with 38,000 Tweets and 2,800 comments (as of: 03.01.19).

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And also the colleagues from other police stations to show solidarity with the traumatized colleagues:

the Louisville Metro Police Department will respond with an Meme from the current Netflix Hit “Bird Box” with the words: “If the LMPD to see a Krispy Kreme truck and be reminded of what happened in Lexington.”

And the doughnut shop chain Krispy Kreme answers to the funny Post of the police of Lexington:

“We think in this difficult time to you … and send more Donuts.”

however, As the policeman soon.

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