The fire broke out on Thursday at 23.30, as the public Prosecutor of Frankenthal and the police informed the Bureau of the Rhine Palatinate. The fire cause of the fire in the district of Bad Dürkheim is still unclear.

The fire was reported by residents out of the house, the spokesman said. According to the “nonstop news” you would have found the persons in an apartment that was only about the burning passage room and the smoke penetrated. The fire should be broken out in a Central kitchen room in the attic of the four-storey, multi-family house.

the amount of the property damage is several hundred thousand Euro.

When firefighters arrived, beat already flames through the roof. Whilst it was managed by the fire brigade, the fire quickly to curb and prevent the Spread of fire to adjacent apartments. However, help came for the five people by fire smoke contaminated apartment too late. The police found the victims while Searching the right side of the locked apartment, only lifeless. They suspected that the victims had been surprised by the poisonous Fumes in her sleep, according to the news Agency writes. In addition, the escape route to the stairwell was blocked by the burning of the passage rooms.

The other apartments had been vacated. Injury would not have suffered the rest of the inhabitants. “Currently running damping-down work,” said the spokesman. The mayor of the town went crying in the night to the scene of the crime, in order to make a personal picture of the Situation, like “nonstop news” reported. The amount of property damage is reported at several hundred thousand euros.

residential house fires with such devastating consequences in Germany are very rare. But there were multiple cases that resulted in nationwide attention to the cause: So came in October, 2015 in case of a fire in a top floor apartment in Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg), four residents died – probably due to the wrong use of a radiant heater. In March 2013, a fire in Backnang in Baden-Württemberg, died in an apartment a woman and seven of her children at the age of 6 months to 17 years. Also in this case, the occupants of the house caused the fire, according to the investigators accidentally.

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