The rebellious Eric Coquerel was chosen on Tuesday as the common candidate of the left-wing Nupes coalition for the coveted post of chairman of the Finance Committee at the National Assembly, AFP learned from parliamentary sources.

The members of the Finance Committee will vote Thursday morning behind closed doors and by secret ballot for the allocation of this key function, devolved to a deputy from an opposition group.

Elected from Seine-Saint-Denis, Eric Coquerel (LFI) will notably face RN Jean-Philippe Tanguy (Somme), as well as an LR contender, perhaps Véronique Louwagie (Orne).

Numerically, the left alliance Nupes (LFI, PS, EELV, PCF) seems favorite thanks to its common candidate.

On the far right, RN suitor Jean-Philippe Tanguy is looking for allies at LR to try to snatch the post.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne promised last week on LCI that the majority “would respect traditions” and would not take part in the ballot, leaving the opposition to organize itself.

“We don’t have to get involved” and “not sure that there is a good solution”, commented an LREM deputy on Tuesday to AFP.

On the right, the president of the LR group Olivier Marleix mentioned on LCP “a somewhat difficult choice” while the LR candidate has a very low chance of winning.

“La Nupes could have made a choice that was probably a little more consensual by presenting someone like (the socialist) Valérie Rabault”, he said, regretting the “slightly more controversial choice” of Eric Coquerel.

The battle is as bitter as the position is coveted. The Finance Committee, which examines all draft budgets before they are examined in the Chamber, is considered one of the most powerful and prestigious in the Assembly.

Eric Coquerel, 63, was already a member of this commission during the previous legislature.

For several days, the right and the majority have accused LFI of wanting to use certain prerogatives of the presidency of the commission, such as access to documents covered by tax secrecy, for political purposes.

“It’s of the same ilk as all the fake news they circulate,” retorts Eric Coquerel. “We are not going to use this as a political weapon against personalities. On the other hand, yes, we want to take strong action on questions of tax evasion”.

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