Fight Of The Ages(FOTA) is a new crypto game that is built to make good use of the Microsoft Mesh platform. Microsoft Mesh offers you a virtual space where you can collaborate or work with others through mixed reality applications. With these mixed reality capabilities, it stands out from the other games by offering you a new experience. Take a look at the features of the game below.

A Real, Immersive Metaverse

FOTA is built to be an MR game and aims to be the first crypto game to offer you an immersive metaverse experience. You as a player will be able to explore the game in 3D using any compatible platform.

The game developers intend to have it on a variety of platforms using the Unity 3D game engine. The game will have clients on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It will also be accessible through modern web browsers using the WebGL API. As a player, you can choose your preferred platform to get the experience you want.

A Multiplayer Battle Arena

Fight Of The Ages has a gaming niche that is well connected to MR technology. The game itself offers you AAA multiplayer online battle arena game, with multiple gameplay modes to suit every kind of player.

There is a 30-level quest-driven campaign mode as a player you can explore the game’s three principal worlds, The Greenland, The Earth, and The Nightmare. In these worlds, you will have to complete challenges to earn rewards in the form of the game’s native FOTA tokens and experience points. Plans are underway to hold special monthly and seasonal quests that add new challenges with greater rewards.

Beyond the campaign mode lies the game’s main draw – its multiplayer battle arena. Here, players can participate in player-versus-player battles with others. The game’s built-in battle-matching system matches players of a similar level to give you a fair game experience. If you however wish to test your skills against stronger competitors, you can use a challenge mode to take on any player available.

Unique Play-To-Earn Mechanics

FOTA, like every modern crypto game, includes built-in play-to-earn mechanics that make gameplay a lucrative proposition for you. First, game assets are tokenized in the form of player-owned This means you will have ownership of your character, game items, land, and player skins. You can upgrade those items through gameplay and sell them on the game’s built-in marketplace whenever you want.

Second, you can take part in a mechanic that most other games don’t offer: rent-to-play. When you own FOTA NFTs you can monetize your hard in-game work by renting out your assets to other players. Therefore players can build up a stable of valuable characters and game items and then turn them into an ongoing income source – even if they never play the game again.

An Upcoming Multi-Platform Launch

FOTA has all features of a GameFi game, unlike others that came before. The core of the game saw an alpha launch on iOS, Android, and PC in February. The MR integration is scheduled to take place during the second quarter of 2022, so the fully-functional MR crypto game is scheduled as early as April. You should expect an experience like never before with this new game.