Annually greets in September, shortly after the League-start to the season, the new Fifa from EA. And like every year, is the biggest question that is of concern to Fans: What is really new about the game and what is only cosmetic in homeopathic quantities?

One team less in the case of Fifa 20

First of all: Fifa 20 includes a team less. Well, not quite, Juventus has an exclusive contract with the Fifa rival PES 2020, and it is, therefore, in the case of Fifa 20 as Piemonte Calcio. The players, however, remain original. And given the gigantic licenses, cups, and teams should be bearable.

Technically, the developers have taken the new Fifa 20 something intelligence. At the defense the player will have to conquer now, not even the Ball, where least of all, the AI is supported. To the extent the notice. In the Gameplay the for experienced Fifa players is hardly noticeable, because you don’t have to rely anyway on the Computer control. For a newcomer that could make the defense movements, however, is more complicated.

What is the game more realistic makes

Fifa 20 is slightly slower than the predecessor. Ball players run less quickly, according to the developers to make the game more realistic. And it looks better, because the movements are due to the slower game speed comprehensible. Now who’s afraid of Championships in Slow-Motion: No fear, here are the cosmetics club beats more.

In the case of free-kicks and penalties an old Mechanics coming back: A yarn circle and more accountable settings help to make the perfect Spin into the corner and there is the ring, it is more common in the best of Roberto Carlos style. An absolute plus point!

Release dates for Fifa 20

Fifa 20 will be published to different data. Here is the Overview:

19. September: EA Access and Origin-Access-players on PC24. September: pre-release access, with Champions Edition24. September: pre-release access, with the Ultimate Edition27. September: Release of the Standard Version Best offer on

Fifa 20: The most powerful new feature is the Volta-mode

Speaking of the plus point is that is One of the strongest innovations of the Volta-mode. The history of professional Alex Hunter is finished in Fifa 19 – it’s now in a new history of street footballers. Including its own modes, places, movements, celebrations, and special control setups. The with friends a lot of fun and plays really differently than the Fifa standard football! Fast movements, short passes, acrobatic goals: Volta rocks.

The most pleased, however, that the career mode has been given a refresh, which is just to arrange about cosmetically. The most exciting of the new development dynamics with talented players is certainly. Depending on the course of the season, the young Talent, a Superstar, or a transfer of a disappointment. More Interviews, more Moral and more soccer Spirit as well as your own Avatar make up the mode of authentic. Here we say: Yes! And: More so.


The successful trading card mode in Fifa Ultimate Team is also expanded: New game modes, seasons, with experience points and levels, and a couch mode, as well as legends like Zinedine Zidane to make the cash cow of EA Sports more interesting. Unfortunately, it has changed a thing, still nothing: FUT pay to win is – who pays real money, has advantages over others that do not.

Now, the conclusion: Fifa 20 is not a Revolution, but it contains enough new Content and fresh ideas, to be a purchase recommendation. Just the Volta mode will provide plenty of fun in the living rooms of the Republic. Especially if you play in Fifa 20 with pals in front of a screen. Here is the game its Tradition of justice. 5 out of 5 soccer balls. Best offer on

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