For die-hard Fifa Fans, it is an annual Ritual. As soon as the newest Version was released, lands classifieds the old Fifa for the low, low price on Ebay or gathering dust on the shelf. Fifa is a temporary pleasure. When the new season starts, and the first Trailer for the new game, loses the previous version of charm. And the big Wait begins.

this year, Fifa has for the first time, a Pre-Order Version, in digital Version. Thus, a very impatient player can already three days before the official release date (29. September) the full version to play. It’s high time to take Fifa to 18 times more closely.

The Gameplay is slower and that is a good thing

In comparison to Fifa 17 there are some Changes that are positive. The Gameplay, for example. While the predecessor was very focused, hectic, speed and dribbling, the new Version of the tactics of foxes among gamers: It is slower, but more accurate. If you prefer, with the passing game to the scoring comes, the in Fifa 18 good cards. In addition, it is more realistic. A “false pass festival” as is the case with Fifa 17 is not more common. You have to row a little by the opposing defense in the combine. Solo passages and dribble actions, when playing against the CPU at least, significantly more difficult and seem more cumbersome, but more realistic.

another factor that is immediately noticeable when Playing, is the defense. EA has made it harder for the Defensive noticeably. Often a body’s deception of the opponent is enough, and he pulls past our defenders. The fair Veteidigen it is a rather perfect Timing for the Tackle. The automatic control of the players, not just controlled by us, supports us less. With a bit of Practice should sit.


rivals. Thus, the players from Real and Atletico Madrid in FIfa 18

©Electronic Arts graphics: Fans, colors, and individual player

The graphics has not changed significantly. However, there are some nuances that have been optimized and, above all the Fifa gamers that want to have it as realistic as possible. The Fans are individual adapted. New crowd chants, individualized faces and interaction in a goal celebration with the Fans makes for more variety in the stadiums. Personally, I also find that the colors of the game became a little paler and Fifa thus acts not as “comic-like”. In addition, the players get a personalized behavior. Cristiano Ronaldo is recreated to the smallest movement on the playing field. The version EA great. Other players such as Hazard, Griezmann, or Messi to recognize behavior and more individual. EA is the so-called “Real Player Motion Technology applies” in the case of Fifa 18 for the first Time. This makes for a willkomene variety.

Alex Hunter returns

Last year, Fifa had introduced finally a story mode. As a virtual character Alex Hunter fought in Fifa 17 as a young exceptional talent in the Premier League. The Story ended there season after season. In Fifa 18, The Journey comes back””. And with the Story even more options. New a small built-in Fifa Street mode, all-new Superstars, the Hunter encounters, and the ability to change the appearance of Hunter. The Story is divided into seven chapters, each Chapter has its own goal. How to do it with Alex Hunter on his trip to the world player, you have to find out but yourself.

A very popular Feature of the friends of the career mode, EA has built-in. In career mode you can affect now, as a Manager, his Transfers, active and visually track. It is as a Manager with his players in the office and discussed the contract details, such as salary, team role, or duration of the contract. While you negotiating can affect strategies. You must, however, the Manager of the other club with a good offer to convince. The Deal is perfect, will be presented to the player at a press conference. This Update is also very well done and brings more challenge, variability, and reality in the soccer simulation.


soccer star in Los Angeles. So rich in detail looks like “The Journey”.

©Electronic Arts, Fifa 18 scores with Details

Significant Changes there were at the Turn of Fifa 16 Fifa 17. The Frostbite graphics and the story mode for Fifa Fans a Revolution. This year has been to consolidate the Strengths a little, without overdoing it with the changes. The Gameplay is more realistic, but more difficult.

There is more individuality in the game, more variety of Fans and new stadiums. Speaking Of Stadiums. Because Borussia Dortmund has signed an exclusive agreement with Pro Evolution Soccer, it will not give the Signal-Iduna Park this year, Fifa 18. This is a shame, but the 3 is since this year.League in Germany, with all teams represented. The Story of Alex Hunter goes in the next Phase, and is refined by Details.

The career mode is enhanced by the strong Feature with the new negotiation strategies, and many small Details have been optimized. This is what makes it for me an overall very charming and interesting Fifa. The Revolution will be in the Detail. It only remains to say in conclusion: get to the Controller. Until next fall, when Fifa 19 Fifa 18 will end up back on the shelf. Or on Ebay classifieds.