The Vebeg not auctioned equipment from the Federal government. There you can buy normal cars, but also fire brigades and military Trucks. But now, a very special piece in the range. The Navy is selling by bid, a full-blown U-Boot.

The old U-25 is looking for a new owner. The boat belongs to a class 206. 18 boats were built – they all came in the 1970s in the service. The special: After the Second world war, Germany could initially only Mini-U-boats up to the size of 350 tons displacement build. The units of the class 206 were the first serious fighting U-boats of the Bundeswehr. Were they built for coastal waters. As a special feature of these boats were able to carry 24 mines and spreading. Thus, any invasion fleets of the Warsaw Pact should be fought, if they had tried, on a coast of the Baltic sea to land.

Silent hunter

Helpless, the small boats were not. Because they were quiet and very difficult to locate. A well-trained crew, which took advantage of sea currents and layers of water to cover, could also be big fight dangerous ships.

upgrading Attack-class – with these U-boats will Australia and China in the Pacific face Of Gernot Kramper

in 2001, managed to sink 24 in a drill, the backup cordon of the aircraft carrier “USS Enterprise” to break through, and the carrier of the virtual. In addition to the Pride of the US fleet steel colossus the water colored then green. All of the saw: U-24 was able to land a Practice match. According to the legend, the US will have to get the Admiral on Board, then a tantrum.

more Seriously, it was in the Falkland war. There is an Argentinian boat, the more developed 209 series, the “San Louis was able to come”, at only 7000 feet up on the British aircraft carrier “Invincible”. The “San Louis” fired eight torpedoes, the crew of the “Invincible” survived the attack only because the inexperienced Argentines had wired the control systems of the torpedoes wrong.

Fullscreen ©Vebeg Commons Worse condition

But that’s the past. How many objects of the Vebeg is U-25 today are in a deplorable condition. In the papers it says: “engines, generators and technical equipment are incomplete and defective. The Propeller is missing and is not part of the Losbestand. The lead-acid driving batteries are deep-discharged and short-circuited.”

or even diving U-25 no longer can Swim, and since then it has been subjected to experiments in eckernförde Bay Shock. Is Mitversteigert a pontoon that holds the boat in the keel above the water. The new owner must demilitarize the boat further.

– to Cut the torpedo tubes are Required, among other things:.

– the destruction of the pressure body by the Introduction of at least two Openings, each 1.5 m x 2 m in the pressure of the body.

– to Cut and Remove the interior walls, the trim and control cells.

After that you can eradicate about 50 metres long, the boat only or as an exhibition piece in the front garden make. 11. and 12. June you can visit the boat in the Navy Arsenal of Kiel. Bids are up to 25. June will be accepted.

sources: Vebeg, Seaforces

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