The Bundestag has approved the Federal budget for the coming year, with the votes of the Grand coalition. For the budget with record expenditure of 356,4 billion Euro and thus just under 13 billion more than in the current year were 366 members, with no 284 members. There were no abstentions.

invest The additional funds to, especially in the labour market, in social and Digital, in the families and defence policy, as well as in the development aid. So there should be relief for health insurance contributions and pension improvements, as well as incentives for families in the amount of 9.8 billion euros. In it, ten more euros child allowance starting in July, as well as a rising children are included – and basic free amount. In addition, the income is moved to the tax rate, in order to mitigate the adverse effects of the so-called cold Progression for citizens.

On new debt will be waived for the sixth Time in a row, and thus the so-called black Zero – a record surplus of the Federal government, länder, municipalities and social insurance. In addition, the Federal government wants to take for the first time since many years the European debt limit of 60 percent of annual economic output.

for future crises adequately

In the final round of consultations to respond to Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) defended his Etatplan as the expression of a sound budget policy. “It is right that we remain unchanged, that we develop a budget that gets by without any additional liabilities.” Only then we will be able to, to be able to future crises and respond appropriately, and Europe help.

the wishes of The Opposition is about to abolish the solidarity surcharge (FDP), a redistribution from the top to the bottom (Left) or a billion more for climate protection (Green), he called a unfinanzier-resistant all-request concert. “I believe that all of this looks a bit like a special sale, a Black Friday, where the specials of the political shopping are all in the shop window has been made,” said Scholz. With serious budgetary policy, this had nothing to do.

opposition speakers defendants against the black Zero had just been through Tricks and resorting to reserves managed. The FDP-budget politician Otto Fricke, for example, spoke of a “bruised black Zero”. In truth, it was a household with a “red Zero”.