Fear The Spotlight is a PS1-style survival-horror game that focuses more on puzzles than combat. The game follows the story of two friends, Vivian and Amy, who sneak into their school after hours to perform a séance. The game features a 1990s art style reminiscent of early PlayStation games like Silent Hill, which adds to its eerie atmosphere.

Developed by the two-person team Cozy Game Pals and published by Blumhouse Games, Fear The Spotlight offers a blend of stealth gameplay and first-person puzzle-solving. Players must guide Vivian through the school as she searches for a spirit board, encountering obstacles like surveillance cameras and locked doors along the way.

One of the standout features of Fear The Spotlight is its attention to detail in storytelling. Players can interact with objects in the environment to learn more about the characters and their relationships. The game’s puzzles are challenging but rewarding, requiring players to think creatively to progress.

As the story unfolds, the school library transforms into a twisted, nightmarish version of itself, adding to the game’s suspenseful atmosphere. While Fear The Spotlight doesn’t rely on jump scares, it excels in creating a sense of unease and tension through its visual style and narrative.

The demo of Fear The Spotlight leaves players eager to experience more of the game’s mysterious world. With a re-release planned for 2024 and additional content on the way, fans of survival-horror games won’t want to miss out on this unique and captivating experience.

Fear The Spotlight will be available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Keep an eye out for its release to dive into the haunting world of this PS1-style survival-horror game.